Holiday in Melbourne

December 2010, I stayed in Melbourne with my daughter Amy and partner Phil. It is supposed to be summer here, but Melbourne is famous for fickle weather, and on the day the following two snapshots were taken it was wet and cold. This is Amy and myself at a cafe:

Here I am walking not one, not two, but four dogs. Vincent is on the left of the photo, the little guy with black spots:

As is typical of Melbourne, after a few very cold and wet days, we had some nice sunny days, still fairly cool though. There were lovely days I went for walks in bushland near where Amy and Phil live, where there is a lot of reserve land near the freeway and a river. The pups are mighty keen -- as you can see, getting them to stay still and look at the camera was a problem!

Here are Amy and Phil at the front of their house:


Christmas day

Christmas pressie time! Amy has given me a Puppy Linux mug:


We did a good deed on Xmas day, visited an animal shelter, took doggy-biscuits, walked some dogs, helped with washing the dog blankets. Phil took a shine to Nero, wanted to take him home:


About Melbourne

Aussies will know all about Melbourne! If you are from elsewhere, here are some links to information about Melbourne. It is the capital city of the State of Victoria, in the South-East of Australia. Subject to cold winds from the South or hot from the North, mild from East or West -- an over-generalisation! About 3.8 million people, vast sprawling suburbia. The city center is nice, has an old-world charm with the trams trundling about. There is a great market, Queen Victoria Market, right in the city center, fantastic place.

Anyway, here are the links:

This page started out as a few holiday snapshots, but is turning into a promo for Melbourne! Well, expanding some more on that...

I reckon that Melbourne is a fantastic place to be a student. The city is littered with colleges, universities and student accommodation apartment blocks. They are not cheap though, like AU $300 per week for a one-bedroom or studio apartment. But the upside is walking distance to the campus and all the city shopping -- or jump on a tram. My daughter says that people jump on and off the trams without paying, but of course I can't recommend that. I suppose that students could get cheaper rooms further out from the city.

I have just done a bit of a search, this is a good jumping-off page to find student accommodation:;ID=98mnltgg1oj9

...they have links to rental as low as $120 per week.

Foreign students are to be seen everywhere, in particular Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian.
The State Library in Swanston Street has free Internet access, and when I visited there were lots of students studying there with their laptops.

Anyway, a link on tertiary study in Melbourne:

Um, let's see, I have some photos of Melbourne City. This is a nice view of Swanston Street looking toward the city center and showing some trams:

swanston isn't quite legible, but on the skyline there is a building with "RMIT University" on it -- the building with antennas sticking up. RMIT is the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a uni with very solid reputation in the engineering disciplines.

Here is the official website of the Queen Victoria Market:
YouTube videos: