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The gzipped database is almost 8MB, so I have decided that is big enough.

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Blog fixed

The Category and number of comments of each post was not displaying. I spent all day yesterday trying to find out what was wrong with the database -- PPLOG has it's own flat-file plain-text database.

I got somewhat depressed as I couldn't fix it.

Then last night I installed a few other blogs and played with them for awhile.

Then this morning I took a fresh look at my PPLOG blog. It occurred to me that the problem might be with my host,, some subtle change in how Perl works.

That's what it turned out to be. I have just about zero knowledge of Perl, so it was a painful process, but I discovered a bug in some "print" statements. My guess is that Hostgator have updated Perl, which has a subtle change in syntax requirement. Hmmm, I would have expected this of Python, not Perl.

Anyway, I was able to fix the syntax.

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Blog broken

Something has just gone wrong with my blog, it is not displaying properly.

I will disable posting until I can fix it.

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Pfontview, fc-query

Thunor has developed Pfontview, a TTF viewer. It requires the 'fc-query' utility from the 'fontconfig' package.

However, Woof has a template for fontconfig that excludes fc-query. Remedied. Woof commit:

Forum thread for Pfontview:

I tried Pfontview 0.1.1 in Precise Puppy, but get this error:
# pfontview /usr/share/fonts/default/TTF/DejaVuSans-BoldOblique.ttf 

** (gtkdialog:4773): ERROR **: gtkdialog: Error in line 7, near token 'string': syntax error

/usr/bin/pfontview: line 275: 4773 Trace/breakpoint trap $GTKDIALOG --space-expand=true --space-fill=true --file=$TEMP_DIR/winMain

Anyway, in future builds, fc-query will be there, so Pfontview can potentially be a nice addition to Puppy.

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Planning SP1 for Precise 5.4

Bugs are being discovered in Precise Puppy 5.4, which is to be expected. Of course, those who monitor my blog and the appropriate Forum thread can apply fixes as they are found.

However, there is definitely going to be a need for a Service Pack 1, for those who already have 5.4, and a corresponding bug-fix release 5.4.1.

I intend to work on this, and read the Precise 5.4 Forum feedback/bugs thread, with a view to creating SP1 in about a week from now. Hopefully, anyway.

I noticed on the Forum, ttuuxxx is back -- welcome back! For those who don't know, ttuuxxx is a long-time valued Puppy developer/tester, who took time off for a holiday in the USA and Canada.

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Precise: Aqualung 20121029

I have compiled Aqualung music player in Precise Puppy 5.4. I got the source from SVN, 2012-10-29.

Aqualung project page:

Configure options:
# ./
# ./configure --build=i486-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --with-jack=no --with-mod=no --with-mpc=no --with-mac=no --with-lua=no --disable-systray

I disabled the systray because a new instance starts in the tray every time a sound file is clicked-on in a ROX-Filer window.

PETs (343K, 333KB):

Note, Aqualung is in the Ubuntu repo, but requires GTK3 and a lot more dependencies.

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Precise: Pmusic bug

I am running Precise Puppy 5.4, which has Pmusic 2.6.6.

Yesterday, I clicked on an .mp3 audio file, and Pmusic failed to start, though it is set as the default music player.
This morning, I have investigated this further, clicking any audio file, Pmusic does not start.

Yet, run 'pmusic' without any file on the commandline, and it does start, and then any music file can be opened and played.

This is a serious bug. How come no one else has reported this in any of the alphas, betas and RCs?

If you are using Precise, do you get this bug?
But then, Pmusic was upgraded to 2.6.6 on 21st September, so maybe the bug came in then?

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Slacko: Woof fixes

01micko advised of a fix for the 'gcc_dev' template, and an update for support/slacko/woof_base_hack.

Woof commit:

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Slacko: 'strings' utility

01micko advised me that /usr/bin/strings is missing from Slacko builds. 01micko advised that it is in the 'util-linux' package.

This is a bit weird. The 'strings' utility is not in any util-linux official sources. I looked here:
Refer also here:

The 'strings' utility is in the official 'binutils' package source, and this is what all distros (except for Slackware) use. Slackware renames it to 'strings-GNU'.

I was tempted to renamed 'strings-GNU' as 'strings', as this is the standard utility that all other distros use.

However, I went with 01micko's suggestion, and modified the template of 'util-linux' to grab /usr/bin/strings if it exists.

Woof commit:

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Extract devx-only packages

The PPM references /root/.packages/woof-installed-packages to determine what packages are built-in to Puppy, and thus already installed.

Until now, packages that are in the devx SFS only, are also listed in woof-installed-packages.

However, this does cause problems if the user does not have the devx SFS loaded. The PPM will think a certain dependency is present, when in fact it isn't.

I had this problem with Python, and I got around it for Precise Puppy 5.4 final by building Python into the main Puppy SFS, despite it's size.

Yesterday, another dependency, 'libpq5', was mentioned in the Forum with the same problem. The PPM thought it is already installed, when it is only in the devx.

I have modified the script 'findwoofinstalledpkgs' in Woof, to exclude devx-only packages from woof-installed-packages, and instead log them in a new file, 'devx-only-installed-packages'.

This new file is also copied into /root/.packages during the build, alongside woof-installed-packages.

Woof commits:

This does mean that I could move Python back to the devx for future releases of Precise Puppy.
I think that some PETs that 666philb has created recently assume the presence of Python, so that would need to be addressed.

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