Precise: Exaile 3.2.2

Forum member 666philb has created a PET of Exaile music player for Precise:

I have uploaded the PET to the 'precise' repo (25.4MB):

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Icon Finder 1.0

That's unfortunate, I just discovered that Icon Finder is not in the menu. It is in Precise Puppy 5.4, but user's won't know!

You can run it from a terminal window, just run "iconfinder".

I looked at the Forum, SFR has released version 1.0. Precise has version 1.0b3. Forum:

Version 1.0 doesn't fix the menu though. I modified the .desktop file so that Icon Finder will appear in the Graphic category, and have uploaded the fixed PET (9KB):

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Precise: Openshot 1.4.3

Great, Forum member 666philb has created a PET (and SFS) of Openshot 1.4.3, a video editor that enables you to create your own video DVD:

I have added the PET to the 'precise' repo (57MB):

Good, there's not much in the 'precise' PET repo so far.

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Precise Puppy kiosk

Forum member shadower_sc has created this nice tutorial on how to lock-down your pup for a kiosk-type of usage:

This is good, makes it easier for others wanting to do something similar and having to try and discover all the things needed to lock-down their pup.

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Precise: executables now shared libraries

Forum member FeodorF posted to me about this. An example is /usr/bin/Xorg, which 'file' reports:

# file /usr/bin/Xorg
/usr/bin/Xorg: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=0x85311bab3ebf5578bfe33ac5b43e6910010c83b8, stripped

Whereas a normal binary executable looks like this:

# file /usr/bin/xmodmap
/usr/bin/xmodmap: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, BuildID[sha1]=0x65ff654e3e14b27ca4ec06b3e4969d7b333c1b29, stripped

Precise is built with a 'file' PET, not with the Ubuntu 'file' (and 'libmagic1) DEBs. I installed the DEBs, same problem.

It seems that some projects are now creating binary executables with a different format that 'file' does not properly recognise.
The Ubuntu DEB is version 5.11, which is the latest.

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Raspberry Pi GPU driver open-sourced

Forum members pakt and Dougal have been very excited to inform us about this:

Yes, this looks like a game-changer.

Heh, heh, I see from the comments in the above link, there is some criticism regarding just how much is open source and what is still hidden as a firmware/binary blob.

It will be very exciting when a hardware-accelerated driver emerges for that GPU.

I will dust off my RP, but for now have a few things to do with Woof -- work is needed on MoManager and the PPM.

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"retro" Precise Puppy 5.4

Precise Puppy 5.4 was announced yesterday:

I promised that I would upload another build which will work on older non-PAE-capable CPUs. These are some early Pentium-M 400MHz-bus CPUs from around 1995 vintage, and some pre-Pentium-Pro CPUs.

The Wikipedia has further explanation on PAE:

Ok, Here it is:

It also has a mini-readme:

This is somewhat less tested than the "main" Precise Puppy, so take it as being an unofficial release. Well, it is the same in all respects except for kernel and video drivers.

Important: This retro-Precise has a 3.2.32 kernel, the "main" precise has a 3.2.29 kernel. You will find various kernel drivers in the repositories for the 3.2.29 kernel, and they won't work in the retro-Precise.

It is probably not a good idea for developers to start compiling drivers for the 3.2.32 kernel, as I consider it to be a work-in-progress, optimising it for older hardware, so will probably recompile the kernel soon.

Anyway, the source for the 3.2.32 kernel was posted this morning:

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3.2.32 kernel

I have configured this for i586, smp, no-pae.

The intention is to build Precise Puppy with this kernel, for computers that have a pae-incapable CPU.
However, I was uncertain whether any of these, such as the Pentium-M, are recognised by the kernel as having more than one processor.
If not, then it would have been better to have configured without smp support.

Anyway, as it is, this kernel can be used for all CPUs, from i586 upward.

This is the PET, for use by Woof developers:

The sources:

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Woof for Precise 5.4

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.4:

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Precise Puppy 5.4

This is it, the very first official release of Precise Puppy! Brief announcement:

Precise Puppy is built from Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04.1+ binary DEB packages, hence has binary compatibility with Ubuntu and access to the vast Ubuntu package repository. Couple that with Puppy's tiny size, speed and ease-of-use, and this is one incredible pup!

This is the very first release of Precise Puppy. It is assigned version 5.4 to indicate it's position relative to the other puppies, such as Wary 5.3 and Slacko 5.3.3 (5.4 coming soon).

A lot of work has happened at the "Woof-level" since the release of Wary 5.3 in April 2012 -- of particular importance to Precise are the many enhancements to the Puppy Package Manager (PPM). At the "Precise-level" there has been a very long period of testing and refinement, over several months.

As Ubuntu Precise Pangolin is a 5-year Long Term Supported release, we expect that Precise Puppy will be also.

The detailed announcement and Release Notes:
...please read!

Download live-CD image (157.5MB):
...note, files can be extracted from this for other modes of installation.

The "devx" SFS, to turn Puppy into a complete compiling environment (126.3MB):

Some extra notes:

This is the open-source nVidia video driver. It is still immature on some hardware -- for example, you just get a black screen. Fallbacks are the 'nv' or 'vesa' drivers, or the commercial nVidia driver -- see Forum if you can't figure out how to fallback to these.

PAE kernel
See the Release Notes above. "Pentium M" CPUs are the problem -- many of these are i686 but lacking PAE capability.
I have decided to do a build of Precise Puppy with non-PAE kernel. Please wait a couple of days for this. It will be announced on my blog.

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