Why not sfs load-on-the-fly

Peebee asked why I don't include shinobar's SFS load on-the-fly PET:

Over the years I have learned to be very wary of modifying the Aufs or Unionfs layers "on-the-fly". It often just doesn't work right.

Anyway, I decided to give it a go. Running Precise Puppy alpha3. I got 'sfs_load' out of shinobar's PET 1.9.4, and placed it at /usr/sbin.

I modified /usr/sbin/filement to recognise if sfs_load exists, and to offer the choice of mounting a file for viewing (prior behaviour), or loading it with sfs_load.

Choosing the latter, it loads ok, as bottom layer, and reports success. However, the files on the bottom layer are not visible "on top". the remount worked to append the layer, but did not update the filesystem.

Was I amiss in only installing /usr/sbin/sfs_load?
Note, my /etc/rc.d/BOOTCONFIG already had the EXTRASFSLIST variable with a "devx" SFS file in it, and sfs_load inserted the new SFS file correctly.

The files on the bottom layer will become visible after a reboot, but that defeats the purpose.

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mtPaint 3.40+ 20120525

Precise Puppy testers have reported that mtPaint is very old. I have tried as much as possible to use the official Ubuntu DEBs, including mtPaint, however that is version 3.34.

So, I have compiled mtPaint in Wary 5.3, downloaded from wjaguar's git, which is officially 3.40 but has some things done since the 3.40 release. I have put the PETs into the 'common' repo for the convenience of all puppies to include in their package-list.

PETs (311KB, 3KB, 360KB):

this mtPaint will be in the next release of Precise Puppy, but testers are of course welcome to try it now.

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Precise: SeaMonkey 2.9.1

I have compiled SeaMonkey 2.9.1 in Precise Puppy alpha3.

PETs (19.7MB, 19.6MB):

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Precise Puppy alpha3

Precise Puppy, built from Ubuntu Precise Pangolin binary packages, has reached 'alpha3' (version 5.2.55).

Alpha 2 was released on March 26:

Download version 5.2.55 from here:

A lot of bugs have been fixed since alpha2, and this build is working very nicely, I am running it right now.

There are some issues with the Puppy Package Manager:

1. I clicked on 'desk_icon_theme_darkfire' and it installed that, but also wanted to install 'desk_icon_theme_original'. Weird.
2. The EXE, DEV, DOC, NLS checkboxes seem to be working for PET packages, but not for DEBs.

So go easy on using PPM, I will check it out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Note, I also intend to compile the latest SeaMonkey tonight.

The Forum thread for feedback, discussion on alpha3 starts on page 7:

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Pmusic, FFConvert, Peasyscan

PET updates:

Pmusic 2.6.1 (zigbert)
FFConvert 1.2.2 (shinobar) -- also FFConvert NLS pkg.

I move this from 'noarch' to 'common' repo, as it has a binary executable...

Peasyscan 2.0 (rcrsn51)

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ROX-Filer: Open With menu icons

My ROX-Filer PET packages have never had icons in the "Open With..." menu. That is, you get a list of applications, abiword, geany, gnumeric, etc., but with generic icons alongside.

It is only a small thing perhaps, but it is nice to have the appropriate icon for each application. So, I have implemented that and updated the ROX-Filer PET package.

PET here (376KB):

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Linux kernel 3.2.17

I have compiled the Linux kernel 3.2.17. I used 3.2.13 in the alpha2 build of Precise Puppy. Pemasu sent me some recommendations for the pre-compile configuration, which I have incorporated into the 3.2.17 compile.

Note, 3.2.17 is using Aufs, whereas 3.2.13 used Unionfs.

The PETs (23.4MB, 832KB):

The build scripts and sources, including kernel SFS file, are here:

I put the PET into the 'common' repo, for convenience of all builds to use it. I intend to use it for the alpha3 build of Precise Puppy (Upup), but note that it was compiled in Wary so if any extra modules are compiled using the kernel source SFS, it should be done in Wary.

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PPLOG 1.1.3

L18L has enabled non-English text in PPLOG, Puppy's personal blog:

Iwill provided a patch to fix the problem of "day 31":

Over the years, we have made little improvements to PPLOG, whereas the official project has remained effectively dead. The author 'fedekun' has moved the official project to here:

Interesting, 'sc0ttman', who is one of our Puppy fans, has enhance PPLOG and named it SJPPLOG:

...I will need to check that one out!

For now though, the two fixes by L18L and Iwill are applied and the version number bumped to 1.1.3:

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Mele: SD-card image, "Lui"

"Lui" is my codename for this build. Puppy built from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx armel binary packages. It is alpha quality. This is an SD-card image, for a 4GB card.

Download the image from here. The image file is only 87.1MB, includes all applications:

Further explanation:

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Linux_firewall internationalised

L18L has internationalised the Linux_firewall install script:

I have updated the PET:

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