Screeny screen capture

01micko created a very nice screen and window capture application, named Screeny:

I have been stuck on the very simple but basic mtPaint capture capability for a long time, I even resisted some nicer-looking GUIs for it.

But, Screeny is very nice, particularly as it easily captures windows, something that I need frequently.

Screeny needs a small utility, 'xwd', and I have modified the xorg_base* templates in Woof to include 'xwd', so it will be in all future puppies.

I also added 'screeny' to the package-lists of most of the build flavours, including Precise Puppy.

PET uploaded (3KB):

Racy/Wary (and anyone else without 'xwd') will need this PET (11KB):

Woof commit:

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Precise: Chromium browser

Forum member peebee has created PETs and SFSs for Chromium, for both Slacko and Precise:

I added 'libpn14' dependency into the 'pet.specs' file, and applied the modified 'chromium' script to allow older Flash player, and have uploaded the PET (42MB):

The dependency (75KB):

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Precise: rerwin: 536/537 modem drivers

Rerwin has compiled kernel modules for the 3.2.29 kernel in Precise Puppy:

I have uploaded these to the 'common' repo. These are for people to experiment with, I don't intend to put them into the next release of Precise Puppy (417KB, 1.4MB):

They require (6KB, 7KB):
Notes for rerwin:

In '':
[ "`pwd`" = "/" ] && depmod that depmod will not execute if the PET is builtin when building a puppy in Woof.

I have fleshed out the pet.specs files:

linux_module_intel536ep-20120710-k3.2.29-smp|linux_module_intel536ep|20120710-k3.2.29-smp||BuildingBlock|1087K|||+linux_kernel&eq3.2.29,+firmware_linux_module_intel536|Intel 536 modem SMP driver|ubuntu|precise||
linux_module_intel537ep-20120710-k3.2.29-smp|linux_module_intel537ep|20120710-k3.2.29-smp||BuildingBlock|3975K|||+linux_kernel&eq3.2.29,+firmware_linux_module_intel537|Intel 537EP modem SMP driver|ubuntu|precise||

Note, I have also done this to the other modem driver PETs.

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gtk-youtube-viewer 3.0.2

666philb has updated gtk-youtube-viewer:

I have uploaded the PET for Precise Puppy:

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rerwin: dgc hsf modem firmware

Rerwin has posted update PETs for the dgcmodem and hsfmodem firmware:

I have uploaded the PETs (30KB, 97KB):

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Precise: wallpaper files

Forum member futwerk has posted some wallpaper images for Precise Puppy:

Thanks for that!

I have added two of these to my collection (the PET previously only had two images) for Precise (315KB):

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Precise: dgc, hcf, hsf modem drivers

Rerwin has compiled dgc, hcf and hsf modem kernel drivers for the 3.2.29 kernel used in Precise Puppy:

I have uploaded these to the 'common' repo (8KB, 472KB, 1MB):

The 3.2.29 Linux kernel PET is also in the 'common' repo, with the intention that other (non-Precise) Puppy builds can also use it. Although, note that it was compiled in Precise Puppy, so any other 3rd party drivers must be also.

I will include these three modules in the next release of precise, even though the hsfmodem PET is big (1MB).

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nobus, dbus library stubs

technosaurus has created a PET of nobus, modified as shared libraries, which are do-nothing stubs for the 'dbus' and 'dbus-glib' libraries. This is for apps linked against those libs but which will still work if they are only stubs.

Forum post:

Uploaded PET in 'common' repo (5KB):

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Precise: NVIDIA and AMD drivers

Forum member 666philb has created NVIDIA and AMD video driver PETs for Precise Puppy and the 3.2.29 kernel:

I have added these to the repo and uploaded them (50.7MB, 27.4MB):

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VLC-GTK 2.5.4

Sc0ttman has updated VLC-GTK, a GUI frontend for VLC commandline media player. See Forum:

I have uploaded the PET to the 'noarch' repo (28KB):

There are two dependencies, 'xdotool' and 'rtmpdump', that I have uploaded to the 'common' repo (78KB, 47KB):

Well, also 'vlc_nogui' package is also required.

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