SeaMonkey 2.12.1 for Precise

Here are the PETS (22.8MB, 20.5MB):

Compiled in Precise Puppy beta6.

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Precise Puppy beta6

My Puppy work has slowed right down, due to myself having "the flu". There is a lot more that I could have done before releasing beta6, but I think that there is enough new stuff to release it now.


Regarding the PPM, rodin.s reported that a search for deps for 'kajongg' application found 165 deps and took a few minutes. The latest PPM is faster, on my laptop it took 33 seconds and found 173 missing deps.

VLC is a good one to test. PPM deps search found 68 missing deps and the search took about 18 seconds. The automatic fix using bbe to allow running as root works, I just tried it.


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Precise Puppy beta5

Beta4 (5.2.73) was released recently, see blog post:

Read my blog for reports on changes since then. Beta5 is now out, and I have assigned it as version 5.3.91, as I intend the final release will be 5.4. Summary of the recent versions:


I have been working on the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) the last few days, fixing some things. I fixed a chronic speed problem. There is another issue, the final "success" window when install a lot of packages at once, can be too high for the screen -- needs a vertical scrollbar -- I might do that tonight.

This pup is looking good!

Note, built with 3.2.28 PAE kernel. I plan to build a non-PAE version later.

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sys-info 1.3

TaZoc has fixed a little bug in sys-info:

I have uploaded version 1.3 to ibiblio (46KB):

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Gimp, nVidia SFS's

Shinobar has prepared two SFS files for Precise Puppy.

Gimp SFS is based on one created by Forum member scabz, the nVidia SFS created with getnvidia-0.7:

I have uploaded the SFS files to ibiblio (20.8MB, 28MB):

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Precise Puppy 5.2.73 (beta4)

Here is the third variant. The brothers were released today and yesterday:

5.2.73 is the same, except that I used Ubuntu 'mesa' DEBs (not all of them) instead of my 'mesa' PET. Some notes:


This one is the most "Ubuntu standard", so preferred from the compatibility viewpoint. Ubuntu splits the original 'mesa' package into about 26 DEBs (although I am not sure if all of them are taken out of the original mesa pkg). These are some that I did not include in the build:


This is what I did include:


I don't know if I included enough mesa DEBs, but it is running ok with my Intel video -- though I note neither the nor modules have loaded.
'*' is being provided by 'libgl1-mesa-glx' DEB, but note that alternative libGL files are in 'libgl1-mesa-swx11' DEB. I don't know what the difference is.

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Precise Puppy 5.2.72 (beta4) PAE-enabled

The non-PAE brother of this build was announced yesterday:

Some notes for 5.2.72:


...lots of delta files this time, if you have already downloaded an earlier Precise beta.

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Precise Puppy 5.2.71 no-PAE (beta4)

I have created "beta4", with these features:


There are no delta-files, due to this build using gzip. As earlier builds use xz compression, the delta files are actually bigger than the original files!

I will now do another build, with the PAE-enabled kernel and Radeon-KMS enabled. Also the SFS xz'ed for smaller size.

Basically, the "no-pae" build will suit older hardware, also (probably) older Radeon video cards. But, it will be interesting to try both, if you have ATI/Radeon video (and CPU can handle PAE, which is most of them, even older i686).

Note, do not re-use the same save-file when testing the next pae-enabled build, they are incompatible.

Another note: beta3 reports, some issues with printing. I did upgrade cups from 1.3.11 to 1.4.8, relative to beta2, so maybe some problems got introduced? I don't have access to a printer right now, can't test.

Woof commit of version used for this build:

...however, /etc/DISTRO_SPECS needs to have the appropriate kernel PET selected:


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Radeon firmware

01micko originally created this PET. I have added more firmware to it.

PET (66KB):

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Precise puppy beta4 coming

Probably tomorrow.

I think that maybe the Radeon problems are sorted out, judging from feedback so far. I intend to build two beta4's:

1. non-PAE kernel, Radeon without KMS.
2. PAE kernel, Radeon with KMS.

Number 1 will suit older hardware.

From feedback, it seems that the Ubuntu Radeon package doesn't need llvm. It seems that my 'z_mesa' PET has removed that requirement.
So, #2 will get built with the Ubuntu ATI/Radeon DEBs, #1 with my 'z_xf86-video-ati' PET.

There does seem to be a problem with timezones, reported by shinobar. This seems to be due to the upgraded DEBs, from 12.04 to 12.04.1. I will await shinobar's feedback (on the Precise Puppy Forum thread) and fix this, before building beta4.

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