Woof commit 2012-08-25

This is Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.2.69 (beta3).

Last three commits:

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Woof: rerwin: fixes '3'

I have applied rerwin's fixes from 'precise_rerwin_fixes-3.pet', see Forum post:

Note, I earlier applied '3a' fixes, see previous blog post:

My notes:

...fixes in this file in Woof.
Note that a couple of entries rerwin recommended to remove but left in, as they are still relevant for older kernels.
That is, these left in:
Also, rerwin recommended adding "bcma.ko":
...however, the 3.2.x kernel does not have that module, and I don't know what does, so I did not make that change.
...rethinking, I have appended "bcma.ko". don't know anything about it, but doesn't do any harm being there!

#120823 rerwin: multisession: screen out /.XLOADED when save.

...added the "bcma:wl" preference.

#120823 rerwin: preserve user-modified files in full-install upgrade.
Note that Woof-built puppies now also have /root/.profile

#120605 rerwin: omit /dev/snd content, /dev/.udev subdirectory and modem daemons from new master (because daemons reinstalled from firmware if needed).
#120606 rerwin: support users' replacement of stripped /root & /etc with complete directories (for "boot disk").
#120607 rerwin: Remove indicators/files for integrated user-installed packages.
#120628 shinobar: no change id-string for reuse
#120721 revert 'wildcards' option (from 120605); improve /dev/snd file exclusion; exclude /usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache (shinobar).
...all applied.

#120823 rerwin: avoid saving personal data if flag set in /etc (by remasterpup2, file /etc/personal_data_save_disabled).

Woof commit:

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Woof: rerwin: fixes '3a'

I have applied some fixes from 'rerwin_woof_fixes-delta-3a.pet', see Forum:

Not fully though, as I didn't understand some things. My notes:


#120603 rerwin: Retain deletions in first pupsave file by copying whiteout files.
...have not applied this. it seems only applies to the top-level directories, why would they be deleted?

#120823 rerwin: $FIRMPKG always written.
#120823 rerwin: --use-blacklist to apply the blacklist commands in the configuration files (if any) to module names as well.
#120608 rerwin: for rule-loaded modules either blacklisted or supported by modaliases, load no module
...have not applied this, don't understand why MODULES has to be cleared.

#120823 rerwin: add frisbee.
#120823 rerwin: get correct pid in wait loop.

#120823 rerwin: skip quicksetup if /etc/personal_settings_popup_disabled file created by remasterpup2 (modified by rerwin).
#120823 rerwin: use distro-specific delayedrun if available.

Woof commit:

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PPM: dependencies fix

This bug has been there forever, good to finally fix it!

Precise Puppy is built with a 'cups' PET rather than the Ubuntu DEBs. As per normal, Ubuntu split a package into many DEBs, and cups becomes several, including 'libcups2'.

I noticed 'libcups2' showing up as a missing dependency when I was going to install 'gnome-control-center'. That is wrong, as the 'cups' PET is already installed.

If the 'libcups2' DEB was installed, it might cause problems as might not be compatible with the rest of the 'cups' PET.

I have fixed this problem. These "false dependencies" no longer show up. I modified scripts pkg_chooser.sh and findmissingpkgs.sh in /usr/local/petget.

This fix will apply to Puppy builds from Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian DEBs.

Woof commit:

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Improved categories and xdg menu

I have been working on improving the categories management and icons for packages, see earlier blog posts:

Now I have mostly completed the upgrade, with further refinements to the categories and icons, plus improvements to the Puppy Package Manager. Woof commits (most recent listed first):

some fixes for pkg categories, small ppm fix:

updated db lists to use xdg_puppy pet with binary executables only (other components are now in Woof):

improved Categories= and Icon= assignments in .desktop files, refer scripts 2createpackages and /usr/local/petget/installpkg.sh:

improved xdg menu categories, /etc/xdg, /usr/share/desktop-directories created in Woof:

improved the naming of sub-categories in pkg db entries, improved icon naming:

I need to refine the support/find_cat utility, which assigns the category[;subcategory] for the packages. I am currently focused on improving this for Ubuntu packages -- find_cat is run when the Puppy db files are created for the Ubuntu DEBs.

So, it looks like I will be bringing out another release of x86 Precise Puppy. Probably before the end of the week.

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Debian, Ubuntu package categories

I have been making improvements to the 'category' field in package database entries, see recent blog posts.

I am continuing this, according to a strategy that I have had in mind since I first designed the package db format for the Puppy 2.x series.

Today there is just a little improvement, but significant. For puppies built from Debian, Ubuntu (and Raspbian) DEBs (binary packages), I have improved the assignment of an appropriate 'category[;subcategory]' field.

The problem has been that Debian/Ubuntu sometimes uses odd names for packages, which confuses the support/find_cat utility in Woof, that is mostly looking for the original package names.
For example, if I recall rightly, Debian renames 'pidgin' as 'finch'. Some other packages have odd numbers and letters appended (apart from the version number).
Also, packages are often broken up into several (or more) separate packages, each with a different name.

I have found a simple way around this problem.

Woof commit:

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PPM: application icons, take-2

A little while ago I implemented a mechanism for having application icons in the Puppy Package Manager:

I have now re-implemented the mechanism, a complete redesign. I have mentioned this in the Forum:

The package database format now extends the 'category' field to have an optional sub-category, like this:


homebank-4.3-w5|homebank|4.3-w5||Business;finance|604K||homebank-4.3-w5.pet|+gtk+|HomeBank finance management|puppy|wary5||

There are generic icons in /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons for all 'category' and 'subcategory' names, and they now display in the PPM.

In Woof, the support/find_cat tool, called from '0setup', now generates category;subcategory, the latter being optional, if it can be determined.
Other scripts have been updated to handle the change in category field.

Woof commits, latest first:

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Woof: 0setup fix

For doing a pet-based build, for example Wary and Racy, I found some bugs, one in script '0setup' and one in support/fix-puppy-dbs. Fixed.

Woof commit:

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Fossil: 'getwoof' script

I need to automate the download of Woof from the online repository, so I wrote a script, /usr/sbin/getwoof. It also takes an optional parameter "update" to update an existing downloaded Woof.

Previously, there were manual steps involved, as explained here:

I had a great deal of difficulty writing this script, as I could not get some of the fossil CLI commands to work as the docs seemed to indicate how they should work. I ended up writing what I think is a clumsy script, but it does work.

Fossil commit:

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MoManager: updated howto

With MoManager becoming better and better, I realised that the "HOWTO Internationalization" page (see "Help" menu) is becoming a bit outdated.

So, I have updated it. This will be in the "Help" of future Puppy builds, however you can also view it online:

Woof commit:

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