PupDial improved

Forum member Wolf Pup reported that the wvdial "Stupid Mode" had to be set to connect to the ISP. I don't know if many people will need this, but I have put a checkbox on the front panel. I also put a checkbox to turn on or off automatic redialing (if connection fails or drops out). Here is a snapshot:

I cleaned up the code for handling two ISPs in the PupDial script, /usr/sbin/pupdial. PupDial handles up to two ISP accounts, but parameters for each ISP were not being parsed accurately from the /etc/wvdial.conf configuration file.

Posted on 15 Apr 2008, 13:05


Posted on 16 Apr 2008, 7:10 by wolf_pup
Thank You Barry! Now i can connect with my dialup ISP without editing a text file. :)