DVB-USB firmware

Forum member 'linuxcbon' has requested a particular firmware file for DVB-USB be included in Puppy. There is a website with more information on this:


Now this is interesting, an online script that will extract the firmware file from the Windows driver:


As far as including firmware files in Puppy, I would need to know what files are required for each module. There is a 'dvb-usb'ko' module, but I presume many more for particular hardware.

Posted on 5 Oct 2008, 17:39


Posted on 5 Oct 2008, 18:53 by tempestuous
I have helped a few people get their DVB devices working under Puppy, and I can say that there is a bewildering amount of related firmware out there. It would be unrealistic to think that we could include it all.

And just to make things worse, I believe that some DVB modules support a range of DVB devices with many of these devices requiring different firmware. Thus, for these particular DVB modules there is no single firmware association.

Posted on 5 Oct 2008, 22:49 by linuxcbon
Those firmwares are small (10kb) so they can be included. The same firmware can be used for many hardware and models. Here are some of them

Here is the list of DVB-T USB hardware and the modules they need : http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB-T_USB_Devices

Other topic : I read udev is needed to generate the /dev/dvb/ nodes. Not sure why they dont get generated automatically in puppy...