For the XFCE fan...

I already mentioned this one. Grab the Woof live-CD snapshot, play with it, fix things.

The panel is currently a bit sick. It works, but the menu is a mess and many icons are missing.

This is not something for users to tackle. You would need expertise with how to install and setup XFCE and how the XDG menu system works.

This is another suggestion for someone who finds Woof exciting and would like to help out.

Posted on 28 Dec 2008, 17:35


Posted on 28 Dec 2008, 19:10 by Sage
Sliced bread should taste so sweet
I would help if I could.
If anyone would care to send me some recipes to investigate, I'd be happy to do some testing-by-rote.
Probably a BK-gray liaison would pay bigger dividends and more quickly?

As for Debian, although I am a fan, I've been reading some highly disconcerting criticisms recently. It's probably too big a project to tackle for any but the largest teams of collaborators?

Any road up, Prosperous New Year.

Posted on 28 Dec 2008, 19:42 by Lane Lester
XFCE Menu Editing
I used to run Xubuntu, which uses XFCE, and I was OK with everything except one thing. At some fairly recent stage in its growth, the developers split the menu file into two files and hid one of them. This makes it a nuisance for the user to add items to the menu. You can jump through some hoops to get the two files together again, but you shouldn't have to.

Posted on 29 Dec 2008, 5:43 by magerlab
gray's pet
i want to remind you agian of grays pet for xfce4. 4.3
it works just fine with puppy4

menu works also fine
it updates automatically or by command

also you need to have a gnome-icon set (gray puts dropline New icons
and he also have a folder in /usr/local/share/icons that is a link to /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons of "normal" puppy
to have icons for applicatins in menu

Posted on 30 Dec 2008, 2:17 by ttuuxxx
I just released a 549kb version of icewm, you can read about it
:) ttuuxxx

Posted on 30 Dec 2008, 3:32 by prehistoric
Xfce menus
One of the things about Xfce which appealed to me when I was building custom small systems from Gentoo was the ease of creating custom menus without dropping down to text editors. For many people who are overwhelmed by the choices on a one-menu-for-everything desktop, or suffer from problems remembering where things are hidden, or have motor control issues which make cascading menus hard to use, the ease of creating special menus for several associated tasks and placing them at a particular location, to use spatial memory cues, was a real advantage. This is one reason I take exception to user-interface standards which keep everything on a single menu.

My preference for Xfce would be greatly enhanced if we could preserve that flexibility. Ubuntu isn't the only implementation which has lost this.

Note: All my comments should be interpreted as coming from the sidelines. I don't dare try to carry complicated systems in my head these days. Breakdowns can get expensive.

Posted on 15 Jan 2009, 11:37 by cb88
LXDE Please
Barry have you considered LXDE? it is in debian testing/lenny and also ArchLinux which i installed on my 64mb laptop recently and LXDE worked quite nicely

LXDE doesn't have quite as many bells and whistles but it should allow you to shave quite a bit off the size of the ISO I think