4.2 Unleashed available

The file 'puppy-unleashed-core-4.2.tar.gz' is available here:


If you are new to Puppy, this file is for developers who want to build their own Puppy-based distribution. So, not of interest to users. To find out more, read this:


Here's another intro page on the 'devx' file that I mentioned in my previous post:


For Puppy-watchers who read this blog regularly, a surprise is on the way. I was working on it, then the last couple of days helped the 4.2 guys with some underlying technical aspects of Unleashed, devx and package naming/conflicts. That's done, so expect the surprise in a day or two.

Posted on 3 Apr 2009, 15:42


Posted on 3 Apr 2009, 9:23 by Raffy
Kernel switching
Puppy's easy rebuild of itself is one of its magic tricks. Now with Woof, the possibility of switching kernel (to use other distro's) is very close.

Will be waiting for the big surprise. :)

Posted on 3 Apr 2009, 10:02 by smil99
Forum seems to be down
This is off topic but needs some urgent attention.
It seems the puppylinux forum is down. Can't connect from my end (Japan) since this morning 2009.3.3
The following message greets me upon clicking the link.

"Failed to Connect
The connection was refused when attempting to contact www.murga-linux.com."

Posted on 3 Apr 2009, 13:16 by Pizzasgood
I'm getting the same thing here in Atlanta, USA, so I've sent John Murga an email.

Posted on 3 Apr 2009, 15:39 by Sage
For - um?
The board has just come back up this morning (evening in Oz?).

The hiatus is utterly unsatisfactory. And that is not necessarily an indictment of John (but it might be).

Any idea just how much IPR on the breed resides up there?! Who does it belong to? And lots of other questions needing hyper-urgent consideration by everybody with a interest in the mutt and his progeny.

With Puppy still resting at No.2 in Ladislav's table, any glitch like this is unacceptable.

Answers? Not many. But if I were in BK's/ WD's, and all the other heavyweights with so much of their effects invested, shoes I'd want to stop ALL cosy coding hobbies and address the future of the project's intercourse arrangements TODAY.

Only one man's opinion, but I'd want to resurrect and make the old BK Forum the main source of wisdom with the entire archives of the Murga board ceded to it, at least for reference. A tele-conference amongst the key Oz proponents, perhaps?

For some of us, The Murga Forum is the only point of contact with d/l links for derivatives, contact with notable personalities, historical records, discussions, disputes, trouble-shooting, etc. If all this were lost, it would be a mini tsunami. Ironically, there is a bunch of advice that transcends the distro, itself. The value of the resource is considerable.

Now is the time to avoid potential meltdown. Things have, with the best of intentions, been allowed to drift.

Go on - ignore me, again! I don't speak the coding language of most visitors to this blog, but I've seen a lot of things this last half century, so I know what's what in information dissemination.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 2:13 by raymundo dionicio
Puppy is driving now.
John Murga is a man of thrust. He will do
what has to be done.

...'Go on - ignore me, again'...
Sage, cheer up, please do not play that role.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 7:35 by Pizzasgood
A group of people without at least one guy heralding the coming doom is a group of people I don't want to be a part of for very long. Groups without those people become overconfident, which tends to lead to annihilation.

Starting tonight I'm going to begin maintaining my own weekly backup of the forum's database, because if something happened to John, we probably wouldn't find out until after the forum was taken down by his host.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 8:35 by Raffy
Yes, John is a man to trust, and Sage is one worth listening to. :)

(I forgot - this blog does not accept Opera, so I failed to post here last night. Was it because Opera identifies itself as IE?)

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 8:54 by BarryK
Ah yes, the tendency to become complacent and not backup forums ...and, ahem, blogs...

Regarding forums, we do have the linuxquestions.com forum. How's that going? I admit that I rarely go there. ...perhaps that's the fundamental problem of having more than one forum, we all lurk on one only.

Is there a need for a developer's only forum, like I used to have? One thing I have been enjoying is total freedom form violations of my site, and I do fear introducing a forum, especially WordPress. If only there was one guaranteed to be inviolable...

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 8:21 by cthisbear
Gone on for too long

Sage and Pizzasgood are right to be concerned citizens.
Measured but drastic steps need to be taken
to secure our forum.

We are not here to criticise you or John for
your hospitable efforts now or in the past.

But different times and situations call for
a long term solution. A working solution.

Funny! that on the forum we advocate backing up
data; and yet our forum is beset by a plague
of disconnections and vulnerabilities.

Just look at ttuuxxx and his hours of lost data

When it's gone it's gone.
Let's not sit in the dark on this.

I'm sure that you are quietly pleased with the results of Puppy 4.2 and that it has reached number 2 on Distrowatch...in 7 day results.

Possibly not perfect but a bloody great release.
WhoDo has been tested but has delivered.

Our whinges and whines have ended up mostly
as a win.
The entire community of testers, contributors
and developers, behind the scenes advisors etc, have delivered a platform and OS that
will only get better.
In their glory days the St George Rugby League team motto was that "they weren't a team of champions, just the champion team"

This Puppy reminds me of that.

Puppy has become bigger than our combined efforts,
your marvellous coding, the little sniggers and
infights with others on the forum.

Puppy lives and breathes today.
Today he now has no one master and yet he is
loved by many friends.

Give him a bone and not the boot.

Have a quiet word with John for some real
fixes to the board.
Some new admins with limited access in Australia may also help. As often suggested by Sage.

Pizzasgood..great that you will backup the forum.
All power to you.

Regards Chris.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 13:15 by Pizzasgood
Backups - no dice :(
The forum has several modifications applied to it. One of them involves some major changes to the base system, and adds a pile of features not supported in normal phpbb 2.x forums. Unfortunately, that modification also removes the built-in "backup" feature that admins and moderators would normally be able to use in a phpbb forum without having direct access to the server. From what I understand, they found that feature unreliable for large forums because PHP would timeout before it could finish.

So that means my plan to back it up won't work.

IMHO, it always would have been a good idea to give Barry the spare keys. Now it looks like an even better idea.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 14:23 by Sage
Nice to know there's a couple of guys on the case who understand the nature of the beast. Surely the first thing that might happen this weekend is a telephone conference - at least between John & Barry? If John is still in Europe he should be getting 'free' weekend calls to Oz in his ISP package? If not, he can use my phone - I'm now getting included calls to the colonies any day, any time.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 15:08 by Raffy
Forum deloading
One way to deload the forum is disable the email subscriptions to threads. But on the front page, make the "View posts since last visit" prominent.

I can help in the backup every Saturday morning - that means Friday evening to midnight in the Americas, and just wakeup time for Europe (but it's a Saturday, so they don't hurry out of bed). My time is the same as Barry's, and the University bandwidth is wide open on a Saturday morning.