Debian to Puppy database converter

Brilliant! Look at what Wosh has done:

I don't know about the need for a contest though, I reckon that 10,553 times faster than my script is pretty good

I want to get back onto testing Woof with other distros, probably Lenny and Karmic in the next few days, well immediately after I get 4.3.1-final released.

So your converter is so so welcome. That script '0setup' is not just used in Woof, the 3builddistro script copies 0setup to /usr/local/petget in the built Puppy. It is used by the Puppy Package Manager to update the package database.

So, when a user goes into the 'Configure PPM' section and clicks on the button to update the package databases, they don't want to be waiting around for one hour! That's the main reason your program is so important.

I'll get onto playing with it real soon.

Note, I think that I filtered out []() from the description fields as those characters may have interfered with grep or sed when reading and processing the database. But, would have to check that, probably there is a workaround for that. Or, I may have just filtered them out because I thought potentially they could cause trouble.

One other small detail, "menu categories" are really just "categories". A package can belong in a certain category, say "System" but not have a menu entry. The categories are mostly for the Puppy Package Manager to group the packages.

Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 18:14


Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 17:42 by shankargopal
Yes, great work Wosh. I had to do "update repos" in PPM about six times in a row a few weeks ago when I was trying to add a repository to dpup. It took me, er, six hours. This will be a great step forward. And so nice to see Barry, as usual, taking a contribution in the best spirit possible.

Posted on 16 Apr 2011, 8:18 by scsijon
?did this go anywhere
I know this is old, just wondered if it went anywhere?