Howto compile apps

It is happening slowly, but I have updated another web page:

Posted on 22 Oct 2009, 6:43


Posted on 22 Oct 2009, 12:21 by disciple
where to compile
"Perhaps if you have a hard drive with only a Windows partition on it (Windows NTFS and FAT filesystems must not be used!!!) and do not want to risk resizing it to make room for a Linux partition on the hard drive, consider using a second internal or USB hard drive."

Or an extra .2fs file - I used to do that.
Now I have 512MB of ram and 1GB swap, and compile almost everything in /tmp... a lot of people have more ram than this, so that could be quite an attractive option :)

Posted on 22 Oct 2009, 14:09 by BarryK
ext2 f.s. in a file
Yes, I should add that to the page as another option!

I guess that I'm always just thinking from the point of view of someone who never uses Windows and doesn't have any NTFS partitions to worry about.

Posted on 23 Oct 2009, 14:23 by 01micko
I haven't used windows for well over a year, and regularly for at least 5 years. But windows 7 is out. I guess some of us should investigate... did they upgrade ntfs? Wasn't that supposed to be a big deal with "longhorn" (one of vista's codenames)? If not, do they plan to upgrade ntfs soon? (er, sorry windows geeks! [hehe])