gtkdialog 0.7.20-patriot-e-1

Zigbert recently posted the latest gtkdialog sources that had been patched by Patriot. I think that Patriot had also included patches from Ubuntu.

I have uploaded this source to here:

I have compiled it in Quirky/Tpup and uploaded the PET to here:

The forum thread where this came from:

Posted on 14 Dec 2009, 17:14


Posted on 14 Dec 2009, 20:41 by BarryK
gtkdialog rollback
Patriot's patch break IPInfo script, so I have rolled back. See this post:

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 14:37 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry I compiled it in 2.14x and used IPinfo and works just fine


Networkwizard with Ipinfo included