Free SoftMaker Office 2008

For Windows only though. If you are interested, get it from here, but note that the offer expires on December 31:

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 8:54


Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 15:19 by MU
linux planned
according to a german newsticker, they also think about releasing the Linux version on request.

Maybe they should be mailed that wish.


Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 19:43 by dingo
how to request?
Interesting info, do you know how to request this linux version of softmakeroffice 2008?

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 3:22 by MU
I posted a request using their contact form:

Maybe there is a chance, if a lot of Linux users request to release the Linux version, too.


Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 5:21 by MU
Softmaker Office for Linux/Puppy
Got a reply, Linux version soon is available :)

There even is the offer to add it to Puppy. I suggested, to contact Barry directly concerning this, as I am not exactly certain, if he plans another Puppy release, or concentrates on the core technology like woof.

Many thanks to Mr. Kotulla from Softmaker for the prompt and kind reply!


Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 6:06 by adi
problems with xp
I tried to install it but something went wrong. Perhaps the remaining modules should work.

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 6:53 by Bert
great news
This is indeed great news. Thanks Barry and Mark.
I've always loved the Softmaker products. Small, fast, reliable, compatible and capable.
"Add it to Puppy"..does this mean they're willing to create a Puppy version?
I happily banned windows out of my computing life, but, with the Linux version announced "soon", I wonder how the windows version would do in Wine..Anyone tried it yet?
Ah, the world is indeed becoming a friendly village, despite the daily news.

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 7:06 by MU
Mr. Kotulla asked, if there is an interest, to integrate the full version of SoftMaker Office 2008 into Puppylinux - for free.

He referred to very old releases of Puppy, where earlier versions of Textmaker and Planmaker were already integrated.

I offered, that I could package it - as pet, and as sfs.
Concerning the direct integration into an Iso, I suggested to contact Barry.
However, if Barry would reject this (because of the size, or because he is busy with woof), then I could package an Iso, where the Suite is already included.
This would not be an official Puppy released by Barry, but a custom puplet by me. (identical to Puppy, just with SoftMaker Office in addition).

I will inform you about the progress, when details were discussed, and final decisions were made.

Time to sleep now :-)

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 8:02 by Bert
windows version in wine
Thanks Mark (and sleep well ;) )
Meanwhile I tried to install the windows version in Linux (ubuntu 9.04), using Wine. Installation went okay. Planmaker, Basicmaker, Presentations work. Even my language was automatically detected and chosen.(dutch)!
Unfortunately, Textmaker refused to run.
I'll investigate some more tomorrow. Bed time here as well :)

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 22:20 by gposil
Linux Version
The Linux version is now available for free download at

Posted on 19 Dec 2009, 3:10 by MU
Packages of the charity version
I made two SFS addons for Puppy 4.3.1 and for older versions.

Also a PET, but I did not try that on my own yet (I get visitors in some minutes). You should use at least a 254 MB savefile to try to install it.
Please let me know, if it works.

Download and screenshots:

User: puppy
password: linux


Posted on 19 Dec 2009, 16:17 by disciple
serial #
If they use your packages I guess people should still go to to get a serial number (and to help :)). Is that right?

Posted on 19 Dec 2009, 19:18 by MU
Yes, I have placed a readme.htm in the download folder, that includes the link.


Posted on 19 Dec 2009, 24:52 by MU
Softmaker Office 2008 charity SFS info
I added some more info in the current forum-thread: