Internet Connection Wizard and ipinfo

I have incorporated the 'ipinfo' script into the Internet Connection Wizard, callable by a button.

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 15:55


Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 18:24 by ttuuxxx
ICW and ipinfo
Sounds like a what I did a few days earlier on 2.14X
best place for it :)

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 13:51 by ecomoney
Automatic connection
Hi Barry. Many thanks for your work. Other distros (and windows) automatically connect via dhcp if the recognise that an ethernet connection is present. I was wondering why puppy does not take this approach also? From my observations of new users, they certainly expect etheret internet connections to be auto-configuring..they tend to click on the browser and then are surprised when they get the "page cannot be displayed" error. They then have to work out how to connect (usually after rebooting their modem several times!). I understand you use dial up so perhaps would not have noticed this yourself. All the best.

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 14:11 by BarryK
Yes thanks, I saw your 214x post, which reminded me to do it also.

No, I have satellite broadband.
Doesn't Jemimah's Pwireless2 achieve that? I have got around to trying that yet.