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There is a new version with lots of bugfixes:


I have compiled it for Quirky.

I did not compile-in libofx support, as the 'libofx' package needs 'opensp' which would not compile.

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 18:18


Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 20:53 by wuxiandianzi
Hi,barry,my teacher!
I want to konow if I use the kernel 2.6.32 in puppy4.31,Should I rebuild the file "devx_431"?
I am very confused!I've asked a lot of people in the forum,But no man can tell me,I have download the files:binutils-2.20.tar.gz,gcc-4.4.2.tar.bz2,gcc-core-4.4.2.tar.bz2,gcc-g++-4.4.2.tar.bz2,glibc-2.9.tar.bz2,
I mean whether the "devx_431.sfs" = arm-linux-gcc environment?
Pray you give me to help!
I would like to make the community version of the puppy, So the compile environment is very important to this.

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 3:57 by tronkel
wuxiandanzi -devx
If you are thinking of making a community version of Puppy, wait until the Woof build system catches up with kernel version 2.6.32. When this happens you would select kernel 2.6.23 option when building your puplet from Woof. The appropriately matched DEVX file will then be built automatically along with the ISO. I think that's the easiest way to go.

Yes 2.6.32 does look very interesting. It has support for the latest ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards compiled in to the kernel.

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 4:34 by tozers1
Quirkiness factor
Hello Barry,

I have been studied the Puppy/Quirky systems for a wile, but I am still not sure about the differences regarding the pup4.3.1 and the recent Quirky version 001 regarding the system architecture.

According to the Quirky page there are three main quirky ideas:
1. Embed the distro inside the kernel
2. A distro that keeps getting smaller
3. Chroot instead of switch_root

According to the readme file:

"Version 0.0.1 (or just 001) has a "quirkiness factor" of one, meaning that it's a straight Tpup with just one "quirky idea" applied"

Does the "one quirky idea" refers to the quirky idea number 2?, since the iso still have the sfs, initrd outside the vmlinuz kernel, is the statement

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 8:17 by BarryK
One quirky idea
Quirky 001 only had an idea for a cleaner screen, that was all. Otherwise it was a normal Puppy.

002 may have a normal desktop but one or two other ideas for testing.