Pmusic: default audio player

In my latest Quirky, to become 003, Pmusic is the default audio player. So, I have placed the script '' into the Pmusic PET package:


if [ "`pwd`" != "/" ];then

echo "Configuring Pmusic..."

if [ ! -e ./usr/bin/aqualung ];then
echo '#!/bin/sh' > ./usr/local/bin/defaultaudioplayer
echo 'exec pmusic "$@"' >> ./usr/local/bin/defaultaudioplayer
chmod 755 ./usr/local/bin/defaultaudioplayer


I have created '' and uploaded to the PET repository.

Zigbert, if you read this, is it ok for you to put this script in future Pmusic PETs? Otherwise, I'll manually insert it each time I upgrade Pmusic.

Posted on 3 Jan 2010, 15:57


Posted on 3 Jan 2010, 18:25 by zigbert
Pmusic updated