Retrovol 0.1, Xtmix 0.4

Pizzasgood has written a very nice volume control for the tray, with a popup mixer. Pizzasgood has achived a fully-featured mixer, as some other GUI mixers are somewhat lacking -- forcing us to use the ncurses text-mode AlsaMixer.

Forum thread:

Pizzasgood, I would like to make a request. Could you add a commandline option to bring up the mixer immediately -- and it would have to run with some other name than "retrovol" so that it doesn't get swallowed by the JWM tray. That would be really neat, then I can have a menu entry for the mixer.

EDIT: no sorry, Retrovol is not a window that gets swallowed, as in the example of Xtmix, so running the mixer as a different name doesn't apply.

Note that Quirky 003 has Xtmix, an oldy-but-goody. In /root/.jwmrc-tray there is this:

<Swallow name="xtmix-launcher">
xtmix -launch

...this causes a round volume control knob to display, that gets swallowed in the JWM tray (it's running name is "xtmix-launcher". Right-click brings up a mixer. There is also a menu entry, which launches 'xtmix' which brings up the mixer directly.
The Xtmix mixer is a bit light-on as far as slider controls goes, and that's the main disadvantage. What is really good is the tray applet uses few resources.

The Xtmix PET:

And the source:

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Posted on 9 Jan 2010, 8:54 by gposil
Tray Volume
Dpup uses a different system again, it's version of absvolume allows you to specify which mixer to use by right clicking on icon at top of scroll.

Then you can left click this icon to chose Dpup's case it's the Gnome Alsa Mixer...

Just thought you'd like to know.

Posted on 9 Jan 2010, 14:32 by Pizzasgood
Okay, will-do.