Xorg Wizard enhanced

I have made a significant improvement to the Xorg Wizard, script /usr/sbin/xorgwizard.

Often there are alternative drivers to choose from, for example:

intel i810 vesa
nv nouveau vesa
ati radeon vesa

I have setup a mechanism for easy switching between these alternatives. Directory /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers-alternate is where unused drivers are kept. I have put the old i810 driver (from Xorg 7.2) and the nouveau driver in there.

For Intel video hardware, you can test the intel and/or vesa drivers, but there is now an option to swap-in the i810 and swap-out the intel driver, then re-probe.

Ditto for nv and nouveau. They can be swapped, so that when Xorg probes it only sees one of them.

It was very easy on my laptop, with Intel hardware, to test each of the vesa, intel and i810 drivers. I have not yet built a Quirky CD and tried it on my daughter's old PC (which has an Nvidia 6600 GT card).

I'll upload Woof soon with this improvement.

Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 11:23


Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 16:12 by shinobar
xorgwizard dalog
Hi Barry!
I am reading your new code in xorgwizard.
Two questions around the dialog of alternative driver choice.
1st: at line 1245, you use '--ok-label', 'cancel-label' and '--yesno'. is it right?
2nd: at line 1227-1261, do you really need the 'if' condition looking up 'EXTRABUTTON'?

Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 16:29 by shinobar
xorgwizard dialog
i see 'ok/cancel' needed when extra button exists.

Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 19:18 by BarryK
Button name changes
Yes, I'm using a fairly recent version of dialog in Quirky, but it has this strange quirk. Puppy 431 has an older version of dialog that does not have this problem.

Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 23:31 by Jemimah
While you are upgrading xorg and the xorgwizard, you might want to consider adding support for Elantech touchpads. These are found in some EeePcs and maybe other netbooks. The Elantech driver is turned off by default in the kernel, and the touchpads work ok in mouse emulation mode, but you can't adjust the settings. To get these touchpads working in Puppeee, I turned on the driver in the kernel, updated the synaptics driver, and added code to the Synaptics section of the xorgwizard [which is apparently too long for me to paste here; if you want my code let me know and I'll send it to you].

Also, I added the synclient and a frontend called Flsynclient [patched source at drop.io/jemimah] so users can adjust the touchpad settings to taste.

Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 24:36 by BarryK
Thanks, I have added the Elantech touchpad to my to-do list for when I next compile the kernel. I was thinking of waiting until 2.6.33 is released, as I'm very interested in the nouveau video support. Well, of course, it would be best to wait until is released!

Posted on 14 Jan 2010, 5:50 by rjbrewer
My "newest" laptop, Inspiron 700m with Intel 855gm
graphics will not start X with Quirky 003; freezes
with black screen. Quirky 001 boots up without

With this laptop video files and dvds' have very
bad color and contrast on any puppy since 3.01
unless I use Xvesa.

Xorg in Quirky 001 plays them just fine.