Quirky 0.0.5 uploaded

Brief intro to "multimedia special":


Download from here:


The ISO is 92.4MB.

I have put in pizzasgood's latest Retrovol tray volume control and sound mixer.

Note that the boot prompt has reverted to "puppy" prefix instead of "quirky", for example "puppy pfix=ram".

Posted on 19 Jan 2010, 22:07


Posted on 19 Jan 2010, 22:54 by prehistoric
prompt name
I have no problem with typing "puppy", my fingers are habituated. What does bother me is getting CDs mixed up and not discovering I've picked up the wrong one until it gets far along. I have a fair number at hand I'm testing right now, and I'm sure I make more mistakes than you do.

Shouldn't there be a place for the precise name of a release in that initial boot message? I'm not talking about the splash, which takes more effort to change. With automated tools for generating entire systems, I think including a release/variant name should be easy.

Posted on 19 Jan 2010, 24:09 by Terryphi
Streaming QuickTime video
Nice work, Barry. An impressive multi-media Quirky! Sound is particularly good. On the limited tests I've done so far things look pretty good. There are a few snags though:

(1)Realmedia .ram files cause browser crash in Seamonkey and Firefox. In Opera player immediately crashes out but Opera survives.

(2)I can play streaming QuickTime video in Seamonkey and Firefox but not Opera.

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 2:26 by ttuuxxx
Keyboard setter
Hi Barry I came across this really nice and small gtkdialog keyboard setter that has better setting options than the current one and had clarf convert over the zenity code etc to gtkdialog, So now it works with no extra deps

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 8:15 by BarryK
.ram files
Could you post a URL with one of those .ram files that causes the crash?

Also, what video driver are you using (look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf)?

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 8:25 by BarryK
PPM in 005
Note that the Puppy Package Manager in Quirky 005 now lists by default these three repos:

puppy-quirky puppy-4 puppy-3

...that first one hasn't got much in it yet (apart from a heap of SDL games!), but I plan to look through ttuuxxx's Quirky packages with a view to putting them into the Quirky ibiblio repo.

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 8:08 by BarryK
Quirky 005 Forum thread
tronkel has started a forum thread for feedback on Quirky 005:


Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 8:44 by BarryK
Mplayer from menu fixed
Mplayer now starts ok from the "Menu -> Multimedia -> Mplayer media player".

Get 'mplayershell' script from here:


Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 17:24 by Terryphi
.ram files
Barry: here is a .ram file which crashes Seamonkey and Firefox for me:


Acording to xorg.conf I am using this driver:
"vesa" #card0driver

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 17:50 by Terryphi
Streaming QuickTime video in Opera
Barry: Further to my comment above I now have streaming QuickTime video working in Opera as well as Seamonkey and Firefox.

It may just be a coincidence but I found it was working after I applied your mplayershell fix.

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 18:26 by BarryK
.ram crashes SM
Hmmm, yes, it does. I downloaded that .ram file, this is what is inside it:


It runs fine in mplayer:

# mplayer rtsp://slp3d.rmod.llnwd.net/a1430/o16/show/webcast/real/slp3d.rm


# gmplayer -really-quiet rtsp://slp3d.rmod.llnwd.net/a1430/o16/show/webcast/real/slp3d.rm

So, why does SM crash? Something to do with the mplayerplug-in?

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 21:44 by Sage
Managed to tune into GotRadio OK but the drop-downs were overlapped and partly transparent possibly due to the cr*p browser! Wwoz radio failed to start up although the rendering was OK. Neither combination was entirely satisfactory. Presume FirePup and Opera will cure these issues as usual as soon as they are available in P-compiled format.

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 22:52 by Terryphi
Installing Opera
Sage: Opera does not need to be in P-compiled format. Just download the .deb file from opera.com:


After download click on it and Puppy/Quirky will install it. Make sure you backup the important files from your existing Opera elsewhere: bookmarks.adr, contacts.adr, cookies4.dat, override.ini and wand.dat. You can then copy them into /root/.opera .

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 24:07 by Sage
Ooooh! Thanks, Terr--i. Probably missed that vital info in my skimmming...

Posted on 20 Jan 2010, 24:31 by Terryphi
Installing Opera
Sage: I should have added that Opera requires these libraries :
libqt-mt.so.3 and libaudio.so.2 in /usr/lib .

On my system I have libqt-mt.so.3.3.8 so I created a symlink for it named libqt-mt.so.3 .
Similarly I have libaudio.so.2.4 so I created a symlink for it named libaudio.so.2 .

If you don't have these libraries, and can't find them elsewhere, I can point you in the right direction.

Posted on 21 Jan 2010, 13:00 by davids45
TV card player?
In recent unquirky Pups, I can use my TV card as gxine was set up to watch "free-to-air" digital TV.

But where is the 'something' to watch DTV in multimedia Quirky-005 (and listen to FM radio via the same card as well, if possible? I expect analog TV is out of the question.)

David S.

Posted on 21 Jan 2010, 14:19 by aarf
portable opera
sage: using michalis one-outside-of-the-pupsave install of portable opera10.10 which runs in all quirkies, all custom bookmarks, etc all there on opening. boot up the new quirky click on the opera file and opera is running.
also note of the problems with copying in bookmarks from elsewhere noted it the forum thread.

Posted on 21 Jan 2010, 16:54 by BarryK
Reported .ram crash problem
It seems that mplayerplug-in crashes and brings down the browser. I have reported this problem to the mplayerplug-in mail list, and asked if they can help to fix it.

Their mail-list archive:


Posted on 21 Jan 2010, 20:02 by Terryphi
Reported .ram crash problem
Barry: Thanks for pursuing the .ram crash problem on the mail list at sourceforge.net.

This format does not seem to be greatly used now but for the sake of completeness it would be good to fix the problem.

Posted on 23 Jan 2010, 19:39 by BarryK
.ram progress
I have had discussion with Kevin DeKorte, the main developer of mplayerplug-in, and we have isolated the cause of the crash.

It should be easy to fix. Kevin has been very helpful and will probably put the fix into the version control system soon