Mplayer recompiled with ALSA enabled

Due to a problem I was having with ALSA in Gnome-mplayer, I compiled 'mplayer' to support oss only.

However, I have modified the Gnome-mplayer package to default to using oss, and there doesn't seem any reason why the mplayer executable cannot be compiled to support both oss and alsa.

Posted on 31 Jan 2010, 10:11


Posted on 31 Jan 2010, 22:32 by ferikenagy1
no webcam,tvcard
quirky 006 has gnome-mplayer with menu for tvcard analog&digital , webcam & tvcard kernel modules are in zdrv extension.... but it seems that mplayer is compiled without driver v4l & v4l2 support so it returns error message:
"No such driver: v4l"
Can mplayer be compiled in future to support these hardwares? (of course if they will not eat to much space. Thanks.

Posted on 1 Feb 2010, 20:43 by BarryK
Mplayer recompiled (again)
I have recompiled mplayer yet again, this time with radio and tv (and v4l2) enabled. They were supposed to be autodetected, but I find the 'configure' script is weird and many things need to be specifically enabled. I also tried '--enable-dvb' but that would not compile.

Posted on 2 Feb 2010, 19:53 by ferikenagy1
thanks very much...I suppose it will be ready for testing in next quirky....

Posted on 3 Feb 2010, 12:55 by tempestuous
MPlayer advances
With the recent introduction of MPlayer/Gnome-MPlayer to Quirky, I would be very happy to see the MPlayer packages I contributed made redundant.
But there are some significant extra features still needed before the "standard" package becomes fully up to speed.
DVB support is a big requirement. Most countries are moving to shut down analogue TV broadcasts in favour of digital, so digital tuner support is essential.

Quote: "I find the 'configure' script is weird and many things need to be specifically enabled".
Yes, MPlayer is a complex beast to configure. The presence of DVB kernel modules should be auto-detected during ./configure, and DVB support automatically enabled.
But it might also be that the configure/build process looks for the presence of DVB device nodes. If so, you can create them with the script I posted at MU's site -
Support for the "ivtv" class of television tuners is also worth enabling in MPlayer.

Posted on 3 Feb 2010, 12:57 by tempestuous
ALSA-OSS emulation.
Regarding ALSA problems with Gnome-MPlayer, to force this application to use OSS output is a workaround.
As we all know, there are no true OSS drivers in Puppy. So the ALSA-OSS emulation drivers are brought into play in such situations, which is technically inelegant. Surely in 2010 all applications should be able to work in true ALSA mode. I'm sure that the Gnome-MPlayer people could fix this.
I'm wondering whether this might have something to do with Gnome-MPlayer interacting with Puppy's "system" audio mixer, absvolume ...
because absvolume is not fully ALSA-compliant !!
From the absvolume homepage
OSS or ALSA with /dev/mixer compatibility (OSS emulation)"

Oh dear. Again, technically inelegant.
Back in the days when I had time to remaster my own customised versions of Puppy, I recompiled ALSA with OSS emulation drivers disabled, and absvolume replaced with tray_mixer, or sgmixer, or volumecontrol.

Posted on 3 Feb 2010, 13:56 by 01micko
Hello tempestuous,

In the latest Quirkys, Barry has dumped Absvolume in favour of Retrovol compiled by Pizzasgood.
I don't know if that has any implications, just thought I'd bring it to your attention.


Posted on 3 Feb 2010, 14:16 by tempestuous
Thanks. I had a quick look at the source code and it appears to be true ALSA compatible.
This makes me happy.

The Gnome-MPlayer issue remains.

Posted on 3 Feb 2010, 15:06 by BarryK
mplayer and dvb
When I had --enable-dvb, the problem occurred during compiling. Um can't recall exactly, but there was a missing header file, something like "ost/dvb.h"

I did have the linux-dvb pet packages (also _DEV pkg) from Puppy 431 installed.

...I'll take another look at it.