Xdelta GUI fixed for FAT f.s.

It has been reported that the Xdelta GUI has a problem working with files on a FAT filesystem, as the ':' character is not supported.

I have modified the script /usr/sbin/xdelta_gui to accept .delta files in either format:


And the default is that a .delta is generated in the format:


That is, three underscores is the delimiter.

Posted on 31 Jan 2010, 16:09


Posted on 1 Feb 2010, 20:23 by x
tinkering at the edges xdelta : rox :
and side step the main event,
1. a notice in puppy for when it fails to write in FAT file systems for all/other applications because of the : among others characters
2.a subroutine in puppy (ROX?) that changes the file names that it doesnt like when writing to FAT and then goes ahead with the write with a popup notification of the new/changed file name.

then it would be onto the real main event: foreign characters in file title names linux file systems.
arigato gozimas.