Gecko: success booting FreeDOS

Yay, I finally got there!

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

What I ended up doing was using GRUB4DOS. I intended to put in either GRUB or GRUB4DOS anyway, to offer dual booting between the DOS shell and Puppy/Quirky.

Using GRUB4DOS, it was so easy. I booted Quirky 006 and used shinobar's package (which is already in Quirky) to install to the SD card, sda1, which is the little 256MB fat32 partition.

I then edited 'menu.lst':

title Boot FreeDOS 1.0 in sda1
root (hd0,0)
chainloader /kernel.sys

I then placed 'kernel.sys' and '' from the FreeDOS live-CD into sda1.

Rebooted, it works!

I then placed the 'spiflash.exe' utility and the 'edu.rom' image file into sda1 and ran:

c:\> spiflash u edu.rom returned messages indicating success.

Note, what I'm working toward is to make an image of the entire SD drive, so anyone will be able to install by inserting the SD card in another computer, use 'dd' to copy the image file, then put the SD card back into the Gecko.

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 17:17


Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 21:37 by JustGreg
Yes on Grub4dos
Grub4dos does work. I am glad that you are considering to use it as a replacement for Grub legacy. I have found it easier to use than Grub2, which seems to be more complex.

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 22:13 by BarryK
"considering to use it", I'm not considering, Quirky has GRUB4DOS, has had for the last couple of releases.

I have documented how I made Gecko boot FreeDOS:

Now that my Gecko has the latest BIOS, the apm module doesn't crash. The battery tray applet now "works" -- it remains stuck on 85% always. And I still can't get it to power-off.

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 22:15 by BarryK