Official Puppy 5.0 plans

I have been in discussion with playdayz. We are planning to hit Distrowatch with a triple-whammy, three simultaneous releases of Puppy 5.0. We are also aiming for about 5 weeks from now.

Lucid Puppy 5.0
Wary Puppy 5.0
Very Wary Puppy 5.0

Lucid Puppy
This is built by playdayz from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx packages. Lucid Lynx will be released on April 29, and playdayz would like to release Lucid Puppy soon after. If it isn't quite at release quality, he could release it as 5.0beta.
Please help playdayz chase down bugs in Lucid:
EDIT: thread for bug reports:

Wary Puppy
This will be based upon Quirky with the rolled-back Xorg. I will probably use Openbox and Fbpanel to get around the problem with icon rendering in JWM. I intend to use the kernel if it is released in time.

Very Wary Puppy
Same as above except using the kernel from Puppy 4.3.1. This one will be recommended for those on dialup Internet.

I will build the first Wary Puppy in a couple of days. Gposil has uploaded a lot of packages to the 'pet_packages-5' directory at ibiblio, although these were compiled for Dpup, quite likely most of them will work, though some of them we might have to modify the prerequisites as Dpup had more packages built-in. We can compile more packages and upload them to ibiblio. We will need a theme... a Wary logo is needed and desktop picture, etc.

Due to the time constraint, hold off suggesting new features or packages. The emphasis has to be on getting the current configuration working. New features can start to come in for 5.1. If you test a package and it just doesn't work right, if you are into compiling apps then have a go at compiling it, later version perhaps, or find a substitute application. When I start the Wary thread, you can throw stuff in there and I'll look at including it. We will have a good go at meeting this 5-week deadline!

Oh yeah, if someone feels up to making it a quad-whammy, with dpup 5.0 or whatever, let me know! However, it might be best not to try for extra whammies as it will dilute our development efforts. Note, this is "5.0" we are talking about, so that rules out all the 4.x-based puplets.

Posted on 31 Mar 2010, 11:05


Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 19:24 by 01micko
Now, a suffix for Lucid is easy.. lupu, ok, what about the other 2? wp and vwp may be confusing, but I suppose many will be interchangeable.

Also, playdayz is using, ATM in which ndiswrapper appears broken, any chance of a fix or should he use a different kernel? Incidentally I tried to compile ndiswrapper to replace the kernel module, it compiled fine but had the same "unknown symbol" issue.


Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 19:46 by lobster
We have this logo

Have started a thread for more candy

wiki stub here

Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 21:12 by BarryK
Nice logo
Lobster, yes, that looks nice.

Regarding the triple-whammy, I'll change it to:

Lucid Puppy
Wary Puppy
Quirky Puppy

...I'll aim at releasing my Quirky at the same time. The main difference is that Quirky won't have the rolled-back Xorg, just the full-steam ahead bleeding edge.

Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 21:50 by tronkel
Wary Puppy
How about using this IceWM package in Wary instead of JWM.

It is playing nicely in Quirky 013 with the kernel

Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 23:58 by carolus
will only dpup directly access a major repository?
If I understand correctly, woof builds can be compatible with standard repositories, but only dpup seems to emphasize this as a design goal. I'm hoping for a puppy that will let me simply apt-get the most current versions of scientific packages such as gfortran and R, and have all the dependencies managed automatically. Must I wait for dpup 5.0?

Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 24:02 by BarryK
Lucid Puppy is built from Ubuntu packages. It should be possible to install apt-get on that.

Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 24:26 by Dejan
Hi Barry, first I don't see why such rush for distrowatch rankings. I don't think you can test and release this thing in such short time. Too bad that gposil is away for now because I think dpup is one of most polished puppy versions ATM but that is still not ready for releasing as official I think.

Second: I posted in lucid bugs thread few bugs that are common in many puppy versions if not all, you may look to fix that in all woof builds:
See bugs 3) and 4)

Posted on 30 Mar 2010, 24:30 by Jota
Huge disappointment, Barry!!

Why give a official OK to a pupplet derived, based, built, and worst, named from some other distro??

Has not Puppy grown up and mature well enough to be in is own?

I would like to see Puppy-Puppy, not Puppy-Lucid, Puppy-Lenny, or else!

And, maybe you precipitate a little with this announcement, because, in respect to the Puppy fans, you should have explained why 4.3.2 and 4.4 will not be released, after all the fussy about?

I fear that Puppy is steadily losing focus on what should be important: stability, usability and good applications that really "do the work".

So, my *personal* opinion is this strategy now is a huge mistake!
But, wish good luck!

Posted on 31 Mar 2010, 5:22 by 8-bit
Were these OS selections picked out of the air?
As was said before, Dpup has more work done to it as far as refining more so than the selected ones.
Also, Stardust would be a good selection.
And let us not forget about Pupeee as a netbook selection.
I really think Pupeee would really get a log of attention.
That is if you are releasing derivatives as Official Puppy 5 releases.
Isn't that jumping the gun?

Posted on 31 Mar 2010, 6:27 by wombat01
The Name "wary"
Is wary really the message you want to send?

1. Cautious of danger; carefully watching and guarding
against deception, artifices, and dangers; timorously or
suspiciously prudent; circumspect; scrupulous; careful.
"Bear a wary eye." --Shak.
[1913 Websters

Posted on 31 Mar 2010, 7:03 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry

As panels goes Tint2 is nice but a menu button should be hacked into it

Then there's lxpanel which a lot of users really like

Or If you want Icewm, I could make you a small package, like the one in I made for 4.2 :)
Nothing says puppy more than those puppy paws -_x

If you want Icewm just let me know in about 24hrs after you let me know or less, I should have a nice and lite icewm if you want it.

Posted on 31 Mar 2010, 7:18 by cthisbear

I think a Quadrella is more in order BK.


Iguleder and his Puppy 4.3.2 Snapshot (26/3)

and of course

zigbert and his Puppy Stardust

were ready bases for a Puppy 4.3.2 makeover.

Plus you already haave an unofficial 4.32.

Your stategy is good....
make the competition sit up and take notice.

But a self imposed time schedule can put
handcuffs on creativity and feedback.

I'm sure that ttuuxxx would really like to
have released a final of Updating 2 series

But I have to hand it to him......
patience not ambition has settled upon him.
His creativity hasn't vanished, nor has his
output and will to succeed.

Whats found him is the Smarts.
He will overcome...he will triumph.

For ttuuxxx >>> the clock is his servant.

He Is No Longer a Servant of the Clock.

No we don't expect 230 pages from you Barry.


But my suggestion of a Dynamic Duo of
Co-Developers for a Puppy 4.32 release
is still a good bet.

His fixes are already there.
He has a good support team.
Quick feedback.
But of course that would require you to
listen to the arguments and be fair minded.

Not having a go at you Barry.

But Puppy itself can do with some minor updates
for maximum User Experience.
Perhaps not enough of a challenge for you.


Posted on 31 Mar 2010, 12:09 by Ramachandran
Puppy 5.0
You may go head with your plans. Anyway we need new release without further loss of time.

Posted on 1 Apr 2010, 12:09 by harii4
long live dpup
I was sold on dpup's access to an major repository as well.
i'll wait - its worth it