powerapplet_tray 2.1

Jemimah mentioned that the Ibam version of Vattery might not work properly on some netbooks, but there is a retro version of Vattery that does not use Ibam.

However, I decided to write my own. I created a tiny program -- the executable is named 'powerapplet_tray' and is 12KB with embedded XPM images (so after compression that will be down around 4KB). It is quite crude in comparison to Vattery -- for example, Jemimah builds an SVG image dynamically within the executable, which means that very small increments in battery charge can be displayed -- whereas mine uses twelve XPM images, six each for representing state of charge while charging or discharging.

The main reason I wrote my own is I want to be able to easily hack on it, to get it working properly on different hardware. So far I have only tested on my main laptop. In theory it supports both APM and ACPI, but I haven't tested the former yet.

Mouse-over gives the exact percentage charge, and clicking on the icon pops up a window with lots more information.

I have uploaded 'powerapplet_tray-2.1.tar.gz' to here:

Posted on 10 Apr 2010, 8:14


Posted on 10 Apr 2010, 24:29 by Grumpywolfe13
Like it
I downloaded it compiled it and started it I so like it but just not sure how to edit task bar to get rid of old one

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 11:05 by BarryK
Battery applets
vattery is in /root/Startup, just deleted it (or just set it as non-executable), then restart X.