Abiword 2.8.3

Testers have reported that Abiword in Quirky 018 cannot open Microsoft .docx files.

The reason that I left out OpenXML .docx file support is that the 'boost' package is needed to compile Abiword with that plugin. I was unable to compile boost.

However, this time I just grabbed all the 'libboost-dev' packages from the Debian Lenny repo.

It compiled ok, and I tested with a couple of example .docx files that I found online.

My Abiword PET package is 2.5MB, and will be in the next Quirky build.

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 23:37


Posted on 12 Apr 2010, 4:43 by technosaurus
static boost for your use

A pretty crazy thought, but I was wondering if it would be practical to use gtk1 frontend for seamonkey - I tested the one from lamarelle.org and no insert key bug... thus eliminating the need for the 2-compile gtk and saving almost enough space to make up for the size of gtk1.2 ... I recall you had some gtk favorites that you were missing