Lucid Puppy 5.0

It has been awhile, but we have a major new version of Puppy Linux. The last official release announced on Distrowatch was Puppy 4.3.1, back in November 2009.

Puppy 5.0 has been coordinated by Larry Short (forum member playdayz) with main developer Mick Amadio (forum member 01micko). Larry prepared a short announcement to use on Distrowatch:

Puppy 5.0, code named "Lupu" and also referred to as "Lucid Puppy" as it is built from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx binary packages, is now available. It is typically Puppy, lean and fast, friendly and fun, with some new features. Puppy 5.0 features Quickpet, with some of the best Linux productivity and entertainment programs, configured and tested, available with one-click. Puppy 5 also introduces choice in browsers: pick one or all and choose the default. Lupu boots directly to the desktop and has tools easily at hand to personalize Puppy, if they are needed. Language and Locale are easy to set. Kauler’s Simple Network Setup is another of those easy config tools. Updating to keep up with bugfixes is another one-click wonder. Previous Puppies were all prepared primarily by Kauler but Puppy 5.0 was a product of the Puppy community with Mick Amadio, chief developer, and Larry Short, coordinator.

The official announcement and release notes:

The list of packages:

Ibiblio host for live-CD:

The "devx" sfs file, for supporting compiling:


Posted on 15 May 2010, 17:10


Posted on 15 May 2010, 17:52 by tronkel
Puppy 5
Big kudos to Playdayz and all of the contributors to Puppy 5 Lupu. Wouldn't have been possible without Barry's base version either. I've just been playing with it. Awesome.

Posted on 15 May 2010, 20:41 by Raffy
Congratulations to LuPu Devs
Congratulations to the devs and thanks a lot to Barry for supporting it. :)

Posted on 15 May 2010, 22:56 by Lezzloco
Video problem
Glad to see a new puppy in the world, but I cant get the video sorted.

On first boot the screen goes all multi coloured, I think at the point where you have to set the resolution or pick something or other, I did get a screen by closing X, then "working in the dark", typed xorgwizard, and taking a educated guess as to what I needed to pick, but all I could see was large blocks of colour, this did get me to the desktop, and all was well, I then got the network working and installed the nvidia settings pet, this went pear shaped, after I closed down X again, ran xorgwizard "not in the dark" this time, typed nvidi-xconfig, then xwin, abd just got a blank screen.

I have had this sort of problem before, not just with puppy, I have a "flat scrren", and am sure this is something to do with it.

But as always puppy is best.

Posted on 15 May 2010, 24:40 by adi
hope that puppy will last even after moving head office! now we have several options. welcom 5!

Posted on 16 May 2010, 5:11 by Bigpup
Great job
Puppy 5 is so full of good ideas and improvements. It is a big step forward for Puppy Linux. It just gets better and better! WOW!

Posted on 16 May 2010, 6:16 by rjbrewer
Lucid 5
No version of Lucid reaches xsetup before a black
screen crash with my M700, Intel gme855 graphics.

On a Dimension 3000, Gxine crashes almost instantly.

Wary 020 is the only Quirky version that handles
Xsetup perfectly with the gme855 graphics.
Xorg or Vesa allowing more screen resolutions that
fit the screen than any other Puppy, new or old.

Trying to get Vlc to run on lucid doesn't work,
same with Quirky or Wary.

Posted on 16 May 2010, 7:33 by stray
Hey guys, thanks humongously for all the efforts.

Was kind of hoping it would stay in RC mode for a bit.. for example I'm in the process right now of going through the very many "mediamarks" still shipping with gXine.. (man oh man what is the original date on this file? Practically all of them are broken/outdated. The first two in the top category (both BBC Legacy) still work though, so maybe thats all the checking most folks ever did.).. this is pretty time consuming as gXine is slow to respond when processing broken MRLs. But when I've deleted all the dead ones, I'll add back some must-haves and I think it will be useful. It will for me anyway!

Pmusic is an interesting effort, but it goes and litters the pupspace (always lacking in my deployments) with tmp files, so for example clicking a .flac file immediately overflows things, which isnt handled very well btw. Another little app that I dont see as ready for primetime is the CPUfreq Tool.. it was awhile ago (not in terms of versions though) but on a laptop that I'm no longer using, it would cause unpredictable sudden poweroff incidents. Then, disabling it was less than straightforward.. finally figured out what config file to zap manually. Alas, that machine has hw probs now and I cant power it up, but I can perhaps reproduce that on other notebooks and do a write-up, time permitting..
I'm just blabbing, because I want to see our best efforts put forth onto Distrowatch etc.. documentation and versioning organization seems to need some touching up as well, before a really user-friendly release shapes up. Just IMHO.

Posted on 16 May 2010, 8:39 by BarryK
Lucid Puppy 5.0 forum feedback
playdayz has started a thread in the Puppy Linux Forum to report bugs in Lucid Puppy 5.0, also bug fixes:

Posted on 17 May 2010, 6:52 by Pit
Lucid Puppy 5.0
Hello to the Puppy community from Germany!

I like puppy from the beginning. I have tested it, and my sound doesn´t work (Samsung N130). I have testet also Zorin 3.0 and with this distro is working very well. Although both are Lucid based. As a New user, I don´t understand why? Please add also SKYPE and VLC, to Lupu or Quirky!!! I am using it on a USB Drive, its starting very well, but if I play a xvid movie it crashes down several times.

Is there a German version in near future?

Pleas add also more Desktop-Wallpapers.
Thanks to the Puppy Community
from Germany

Posted on 17 May 2010, 10:26 by rjbrewer
Lucid 5
Was able to get laptop with Intel 855gm graphics
to boot to desktop.
A tip by "ariel" in lucid 500 bug reports thread.
Boot with puppy pfix=nox. At first prompt type
xorg-setup.old. Choose vesa. At next prompt type
xwin (startx worked for me).

Posted on 18 May 2010, 2:39 by Stefan Lövgren
Puppy crashes
Both Puppy 5 and Quircy 1.1 crashes when installed
to hard drive.
I select setup-keyboard-swedish-OK.
Upper half of monitor is unsynced
Lower half is black

Posted on 18 May 2010, 7:31 by Raffy
Explanation by stray
"Stray" (see post above) is revealing some problems in the Woof-lets. His post explained why dpup suddenly blackouts in my Atom board (and blackouts never happened with any earlier Puppy).

Hope we see you more in the forum, stray.

Posted on 18 May 2010, 9:47 by tenphases
Puppy in School
I learned about Linux from a colleague and I may be a newb but realized the potential when i looked at the floor full of Pentium 3 and 4's that we have in our middle school. I stuck cd'c in them and they know work great. Thanks to Barry and the team for bringing technology to those who deserve but may not be able to afford it.

Know I gotta go 15 new cd's

Posted on 18 May 2010, 11:54 by gmbudwrench
Dial up?
I've been an avid user since 421, before then I haven't had good luck detecting my modem, 421, and 431 solved that, but sadly this one leaves me out in the cold, it never detected my modem again. I love puppy because it fits with what I need. So, is there any plans to fix the Pupdial (like whats in 421 and 431) for us dependent upon dial-up? Lucid
booted up for me with no problem, but the lack of ability to connect to the web disappointed me. If this is an issue going to be fixed, thanks for the good work and your response.

Posted on 18 May 2010, 17:28 by worms
Usb wireless
Puppy Linux 431 was the only linux in the world in which my USB wireless modem worked out of box (tried ubuntu, Sabayon...). Guess what? My modem fails to connect me to internet in Puppy 5.0. The interface is great, so are the programs but I will not be there to party. So sad I cannot enjoy the fruits. Waiting for another release not based on Ubuntu............

Posted on 18 May 2010, 18:53 by BarryK
Re Modem dialup
Try Quirky Retro:

Posted on 19 May 2010, 22:16 by amishman
Can you say SSSLLLOOWWW???
I have been using puppy 4.31 for a while now and was happy to see a new version. I ran it last night for the first time and I couldn't believe how unresponsive the OS becomes after doing various tasks! Every time there was a lot of activity to the USB flash drive the OS would sit there - only letting me move the mouse but unable to close windows or open new ones. What a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 20 May 2010, 7:23 by panzerpuppy
Slowness of Puppy 5.0 ?
Do you find Puppy 5.0 slow? Try Quirky 1.1 - you'll be amazed by its speed.

Quirky is a pure (T2) Puppy , unlike Puppy 5.0 that's loaded with Ubuntu junk.

I never liked the new Lupu / Puppy 5.0 hybrid. Stick to Quirky. It's light-years ahead of any Puppy so far.

Posted on 24 May 2010, 16:18 by BarryK
Lucid Puppy Forum feedback
I have deleted some posts in this thread. I prefer to remain focused on technical development topics in this blog. An avenue for a wider range of expression is the Puppy Forum.

This is the place to provide feedback on Lucid Puppy 5.0:

Posted on 2 Jun 2010, 13:53 by herb
awesoume distro but
I can not use it. i dual boot puppy and windows xp. xp for gaming i am a fallout 3 addict with no recovery in sight. I am running a q9650 quad core 3ghz rig with 2 gb of ram an nvidia 9800. so my specs are fine they work on the other pups. my card has an hd port i use it instead of the vga or dvi cause it is easy to just plug and unplug. puppy 5 will not show video in any way through that cable all the other distros will lucid linux will. even after i go in with vga and get the driver and all. its just like no no hd cable for you. i am a large man and i can barely fit under that desk to switch the cables back and forth. i had to get my neighbor to switch them out so i could just try the distro. if possible could yall figure this out and put it in a patch or new release of this pup. cause i love it is hard core. i just like to have that cable there i have it now i run the blue ray thing through it to the monitor from the pc. you did a very good job on the distro please let me use my hd cable

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 8:57 by imnotrich
puppy 5 and quirky
Would love to test out quirky or puppy 5, but the live cd's hang at random points during the bootup and no longer recognize the keyboard on my laptop. Worse yet, not sure which of the two above live cd's is responsible but they also screwed up my 4.3.1 wireless settings, which were stored in my .sfs. Now, I thought live cd's were supposed to load in RAM and not disturb anything unless you specifically direct them to. Looks like back to the drawing board for the developers. Not having a keyboard is kinda a dealbreaker for me.

Posted on 16 Jun 2010, 23:02 by wcarl
Puppy 64
Now puppy is using ubuntu binaty files, how about a 64bit version. AMD desktop CPU's have been 64 bit for almost seven years (Sept-2003) how. IS that not old enough to have there full power unleashed by Puppy?

Posted on 23 Nov 2010, 12:42 by alibadrelsa
Salutations to ya

Posted on 24 Nov 2010, 21:46 by ttuuxxx
puppy 5
Hi Barry I waited a long time to visit puppy 5, They were in-trouble, because it breached the 256MB barrier to run in ram, I like you think the same when it comes to making things small, so I finally lent a hand, Its worked so far, But there is a issue, The new2dir script seg faults with a -a for make, Its been some time that this release has been a puppy default 5, and if you can't compile and save your packages properly its a pain to find the locations, also micko has given a alternative, but ts not really as easy and kind of a pain.

also if you try to compile regular apps like Xchat, pidgen, and ayttm they have a lot of issues, much less if you compile the latest svn version. but if you get ayttm to compile and your right click with the mouse on a url if crashes.
I also notice in many apps that gtk has issues when compiling,
What puppy 5 needs is a working new2dir and a updated patched backend gtk
I know you like wary but after all this time being default puppy and hasn't been fixed.
Maybe its time to lend a helping hand.

Posted on 24 Nov 2010, 22:06 by 01micko
re new2dir
Actually new2dir has been broken since gposil's dpup. Never bothered me much because it was a bit 50:50 sometimes anyway.
Ever since, I've either used DESTDIR=/whatever or Paco.
Would be nice to get new2dir working though.

Posted on 24 Nov 2010, 23:01 by ttuuxxx
re new2dir
Sorry micko but new2dir has never been this buggy at making packages that I can remember. It just needs some fixing.

Posted on 25 Nov 2010, 9:48 by 01micko
re new2dir
it's fixed now.

Posted on 25 Nov 2010, 12:36 by BarryK
new2dir and coreutils
We ran into this problem back in mid-2009:

It was a problem with the coreutils package.

At the time, the only option was to stay with an older coreutils. However, as installwatch has been upgraded, that is great.

Posted on 27 May 2011, 15:40 by magiisto
O.S. names search faster when unique
People need to use more imagination when choosing names for software. Google for puppy,python,c,quirky,gambas, dolphin and you get links to everything in the zoo or next door with few useful links.
With 26 characters to rearrange unique names can be invented. Just simple changes like ospuppy, osquirky, fmdolphin or swgambas would help. The same applies to the naming of variables in programs and company names. Good examples easy to say and spell are Ubuntu, Crisa (a Spanish company thought to have had distant roots in another company Christian Rovsing), Firefox, Kodak, Nokia, Linux.

Posted on 15 Nov 2011, 16:33 by michael
getting puppy 5.2 to recognise mobile phones
Hi Barry,
When and if you get the time, will you be able to
let me know if and how to get puppy 5.2 to recognise my phone. It is a Samsung Galaxy Young
running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread I use this for work so it would be great to be able to see it in puppy so I don't have to boot stupid Windows Vista to transfer photos and documents from phone to machine and vice versa.
I may be willing to change to a different distro if you know of a linux that does support the make and model of phone I have.
Kind Regards,