network_tray, you2pup, psync

I have upgraded these:

network_tray 2.3.3 (me)
You2pup 1.4.3 (soliver)
Psync 1.1 (tasmod)

...see forum for news on these last two.

Posted on 1 Jun 2010, 20:04


Posted on 2 Jun 2010, 7:12 by GCMartin
Anyone know anything about SAMBA in Quirky? Seems to have an odd implementation. I'm having a little trouble finding good reliable info. See

Distrowatch shows Samba in Quirky, but the folders on Puppy and whether CUPS works as it should seems a little distant.


Posted on 2 Jun 2010, 15:52 by ChrisThomas
Network Tray Icon in Quirky 1.1
I really don't like the network tray icon in Quirky because it doesn't look good compared with the older network tray.

Maybe it is just me who is feeling this