Curiosity has got the better of me, want to see if I can get this to work...

I discussed the possibility of using the 2.6.27.x kernel with Wary:

I did actually have some "fun" with 2.6.27.x last year:

I applied a Squashfs4 patch that I got from here:

I got Aufs2 out of version control a couple of days ago. The 2.6.27.x kernel is the earliest supported, and it patched and compiled ok -- but the final 'depmod' reported a missing symbol.

After consulting with R J Okijama, the main Aufs guy, I found out how to export that symbol. Right now, it's compiling again.

Posted on 6 Jun 2010, 12:26


Posted on 6 Jun 2010, 17:07 by BarryK works
I am pleased to report that the backported Squashfs4 works. Aufs works too.

Posted on 6 Jun 2010, 18:15 by BarryK
ext4 works
The kernel does support ext4, but it has to be mounted like this:

# tune2fs -E test_fs /dev/sdb3
# mount -t ext4dev /dev/sdb3 mntpt

As explained here:

I wonder how stable/reliable ext4 support is? There have been lots of ext4 patches from 2.6.27 to

It is a bit messy, 'probepart' identifies /dev/sdb3 as 'ext4', 'mount' identifies it as 'ext4dev'.

...I guess that I could put workarounds into the Puppy scripts. Is there any way to define that "ext4" and "ext4dev" are aliases? Ideally it would be better to use "mount -t ext4 ...".

Posted on 6 Jun 2010, 18:56 by BarryK
Rename ext4dev to ext4
I ruminated over this last year:

Fedora has a patch to rename ext4dev to ext4, from here:;a=commitdiff_plain;h=03010a3350301baac2154fa66de925ae2981b7e3

It doesn't apply cleanly, so I'll see if I can apply the broken parts manually.

Posted on 6 Jun 2010, 19:26 by BarryK
I was able to complete the ext4dev-to-ext4 rename patch, now compiling the kernel...

Posted on 7 Jun 2010, 9:45 by BarryK
This topic continued here:

Posted on 7 Jun 2010, 24:32 by Dougal
Regarding the lack of the newer wifi drivers, I think the Linux Wireless folks maintain backwards-compatible patches for newer drivers.

Posted on 8 Jun 2010, 9:19 by BarryK
Re wifi drivers
Yeah, once I have fully tested this kernel and found it to be a go-er, a good choice for our long-term retro Puppy, then I'll invite developers to compile more drivers for it, and I'll put them in.

Posted on 9 Jun 2010, 8:39 by BarryK
2.6.27.x and ext4
Oh, not so good. Greg has sent me this response:

Question from me:
I was wondering about the patch that I have used to rename ext4dev to ext4. This patch is from Fedora. Given that there have been many fixes to ext4 since the first 2.6.27, I take it that ext4 is now perfectly usable in

Greg's response:
I wouldn't use ext4 in the .27 kernel tree, not at all. Nor would I recommend renaming it to give others the impression that it works properly and is safe to use. Please don't do that without first consulting with the ext4 developers.

There's been a number of ext4 patches for .27, but in the end, the ext4 developers recommend everyone move to the .32 kernel if they really want to use ext4 as they are not going to support anyone using .27., I might not settle on the 2.6.27.x kernel as Wary's long-term retro kernel. It's a fascinating experiment though, and I still do want Wary to be able to build with this kernel -- a Retro-Wary could still be offered with this kernel.

Posted on 9 Jun 2010, 13:58 by drongo
Retro Wary
Retro Wary is an odd sounding name to me. Perhaps Wary Wary, Very Wary, Over Cautious? Or Circumspect?