Woof uploaded, June 24, 2010

I have successfully built Spup, Slack-Puppy, from Slackware 13.1 binary packages.

I get a desktop, basically seems to work, but I didn't do much testing.

However, as I expected, I had to use the Xorg vesa driver, as the intel driver did not work. The intel driver reported:

"No kernel modesetting driver detected"

Recent versions of the Intel driver have particular requirements of the kernel, will have to bring myself up to speed on this, take the step up to KMS.

If you want to build an Spup based on Slackware 13.1, see my Woof page:

Alternatively, if you only want Woof without the history, I also uploaded a tarball:

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 19:00


Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 19:33 by ICPUG
Intel driver success
Not sure what Intel graphics chip you are using Barry but you need to be aware of work that has been done in the Lighthouse Puppy community.

Tazoc did some research on the Intel driver problem which extended your own research in this blog.

Following the new information a number of us have tested and found the way to run the standard intel driver you now use in Puppy without receiving the error message you got and without using VESA.

I, personally, have an intel855 chipset on my laptop and have recently reported on the Lighthouse Puppy thread in the forum that I have got it to work by adding the following kernel parameter when the kernel is started (in menu.lst when using Grub):

I'm not saying everything is perfect yet, but this is better than VESA.

Other have reported success using the same parameter with other Intel chipsets.

I have not yet tested with the other series 5 pups (Lucid, Quirky) but have high hopes and will report on the appropriate threads when confirmed OK.

See if it works for you and read the Lighthouse Puppy 5.00B thread in Derivatives section of the forum for more background information.

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 20:05 by BarryK
Intel success on Spup
I have just tried the boot parameter 'puppy i915.modeset=1' and it works!

I notice that the console gets switched into framebuffer mode (out of the old 80x25 text mode), so when I did an "Exit to prompt" in the "Shutdown" menu, the screen was a very high resolution text display.

So, it would seem that I when next I compile the kernel, I should change some defaults? Set it to default KMS on? Set it to auto-start in frame-buffer console mode?

I might do this next, compile the kernel in Spup.

I would like to also acknowledge the superb work that Tazoc has done with Lighthouse pup. I have seen that work and thought that it looks pretty good, but haven't been able to read the forum threads right through. As I understand it, Lighthouse pup is built from Slackware 12.2 packages.

Lighthouse pup latest forum thread:

...I had better have a read of that thread, good info about kernel modesetting! Tazoc has already "been there, done that"!

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 20:34 by BarryK
Woof has bug fixes
I am reading through the Lighthouse pup thread. One comment -- some issues, such as keyboard/locale and desktop-drive-icon-0-bytes-problem, are fixed in the latest Woof.

Hey, does anyone want me to upload Spup ISO?

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 20:56 by aarf
"Hey, does anyone want me to upload Spup ISO?"
if i count as an anyone; yes

when/if you run out of things to do
webm in opera in puppeee6 is my current biggest want.

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 22:06 by BarryK
Turning on KMS at bootup
Ah, yes, of course. I don't have to compile the kernel with KMS defaulting to enabled. I don't want users to have to type in stuff like "i915.modeset=1" kernel boot param either.

Instead, we can have a file /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf with this in it:

options i915 modeset=1

...that is good, because then the Xorg Wizard can modify that file in case of a black screen. So, when test X and get black screen, the Wizard can turn modesetting off and reload the i915 module.

Yep, I'll play with this idea. I'll see if I can implement something before building another Spup ISO -- and will upload that for testing.

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 22:13 by jemimah
Turning on KMS at bootup
You probably don't want to boot with modesetting on because it breaks Xvesa. At least it does for me.

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 22:23 by BarryK
Xorg Intel and KMS
Oh, but doesn't the Xorg intel driver used in Slackare 13.1 require KMS to be turned on? That is, it must be on? Then loading i915 kernel module with "modeset=0" is pointless.

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 22:27 by BarryK
Intel Xorg
Ah yes, load i915 with modeset=0 only if using Xorg 'vesa' driver.

Note, we can't use Xvesa anymore, it isn't supported in Xorg 7.5.

Posted on 24 Jun 2010, 24:19 by Billtoo
package downloads
The download packages in the new woof is downloading the same package several times,even if successful at one mirror it downloads again from the next.At least I've downloaded over 700 mb so far and it's still going.
ftp.isu.edu.tw/pub/Linux/Slackware/slackware-13.1 is soooo slow.
I'm eager to burn the iso and try it out though :)

Posted on 25 Jun 2010, 6:14 by TazOC
Slackware 13.1 in LHP 5
What Intel chipset are you testing with? The /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf idea is intriguing. Barburo reported that i915.modeset=1 worked in LHP 5 with his Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset. Diggs reported that xforcevesa nomodeset was required for his ATI RV670 AGP card.

[quote="BarryK"]As I understand it, Lighthouse pup is built from Slackware 12.2 packages.[/quote]LHP 4.43, yes. LHP 5.00 is a hybrid of Slackware 13.1's hal-0.5.14, xorg-xserver-1.7.7, mesa-7.8.1 and Quirky's latest kernel. I also revamped xorgwizard, with a text-mode front end 'Lighthouse Video Wizard' that displays detected chipset, current Xorg driver and includes an Option 1--Autoconfigure X (starts w/minimal xorg.conf, w/o device section; Option 2--xorgwizard-puppy (Default), Opt 3--xorgwizard, force vesa, Opt 4-ATI cards, Opt 5--NVIDIA cards, Opt 6--Options and Tools (inc. Edit xorg.conf, View Xorg log, Delete xorg.conf (and configure kdm if KDE SFS is loaded.) This is in /usr/sbin/xorgwizard, while Option 2 runs xorgwizard-puppy and Option 1 runs xorgwizard-alt. This arrangement is based on MU's NewyearsPup, but includes all of the xorgwizard updates from the latest Quirky.

Posted on 25 Jun 2010, 8:41 by BarryK
Slackware pkg downloads
The download packages in the new woof is downloading the same package several times,even if successful at one mirror it downloads again from the next.At least I've downloaded over 700 mb so far and it's still going.

...strange. I went through the exercise and it only downloaded Slackware packages once.