Pprocess, Precord

I have upgraded these two PETs.

Pprocess 2.1.1 (zigbert)

Precord 6.1.2 (mcewanw)

Posted on 9 Jul 2010, 20:53


Posted on 9 Jul 2010, 22:45 by Iguleder
Load SFS from psubdir
Barry, here's some change in Woof that I'm sure many people would appreciate. If you consider it useful, I'd like to see it in Woof.


Lets you load SFSs from psubdir if you have it specified, great for people that use multiple frugal puppies and don't like the mess.

Thank you!

Posted on 10 Jul 2010, 9:20 by BarryK
Re psubdir
The solution can be simpler, insert just one line:

[ "$PSUBDIR" ] && SFSSDIR="${SMNTPT}/${PSUBDIR}" #100710

The Boot Manager also needs to be fixed. I will post about a total solution.