Xorg Wizard improved

I have overhauled some of the opening dialogs.

There was a problem if the Xvesa X server exists, as the normal opening dialog with choices of <Xorg>, <Choose> and <vesa> is not offered.
I have fixed that, so if in the opening dialog Xorg is chosen instead of Xvesa, then the next dialog will offer those three choices.

If <Choose> is selected, the next dialog was just a list of Xorg drivers and the user had to type in which one to use. I have changed this into a list, with some explanation alongside each driver.

Posted on 20 Aug 2010, 9:29


Posted on 20 Aug 2010, 19:26 by ICPUG
Xorg Update download location
I made a comment about preferring a list rather than typing a chosen driver during the Lupu 5.1 development.

Nice to see it answered now. Is the new wizard available for download anywhere?

Posted on 20 Aug 2010, 21:20 by BarryK
Re Xorg Wizard
Not yet, I'm still working on it. It will be in the next upload of Woof, and of course the next Wary.