Pmusic, Pcd

I have updated to zigbert's latest, Pmusic 1.2.0 and Pcd 1.2.


Notes to zigbert:

1. Pmusic
There is nothing in /usr/share/doc/pmusic. I used the older file.

2. Pcd
I have a '' script for this package:

#post-install script.

if [ "`pwd`" != "/" ];then

echo '#!/bin/sh' > ./usr/local/bin/defaultcdplayer
echo 'exec pcd' >> ./usr/local/bin/defaultcdplayer
chmod 755 ./usr/local/bin/defaultcdplayer


Posted on 21 Aug 2010, 17:47


Posted on 22 Aug 2010, 16:16 by zigbert
pcd, pmusic
1.) I have added the script to my development tree.

2.) If there is no /usr/share/doc/pmusic/en_US:pmusic_faq.html, it should be downloaded from

I have included the FAQ into version 1.3.0. - To ensure that upgrades will have the latest documentation.

Happy music