Wary category in blog

The Wary project is shaping up as on-going, so I will create a new category 'Wary' in this blog, and move all prior posts with "Wary" in the title to it.

Regarding the future of Wary, I have recompiled everything in T2 with the original Xorg 7.3 as used in Puppy 4.3.1. But, with GTK 2.20.1. I will build this in Woof soon, and if it is sane I will release it.

The main thing that I have to schedule around is my Royal Show job. I'm going to be very busy from 24th September until 2nd October, both with the Show job and the house renovation will be continuing. I will hardly if ever get online for that duration.

So, I'm hoping to upload Wary on the 23rd of September.

Posted on 20 Sep 2010, 16:53


Posted on 20 Sep 2010, 23:14 by Terryphi
Which kernel for next Wary?
Will you be using kernel again for the next Wary version?