Video Upgrade Wizard

I have created a new Wizard that puts up a window with offers to upgrade the X drivers. This is only for Wary.

The entry "Video Upgrade Wizard" will be found in the "Setup" menu.

It offers the Mesa DRI package to enhance the Xorg drivers, and in the case of nVidia hardware also offers the commercial drivers. I do not yet have any ATI PET packages to offer. Also, the only nVidia PETs I have are for the kernel. In the case of Intel, if the 'intel' or 'i810' drivers do not work then the Intel 2.10.0 driver upgrade PET package is offered.

Note, if you successfully test any nVidia or ATI PETs in Wary, for or kernels, let me know, I can add it/them to the Wizard.

I was toying with the idea of having this pop up at first boot, as QuickPet does in Lucid Puppy, but I really don't want another thing popping up. Instead, I think that I will mention it in the "Welcome first boot" window.

For developers: You will find the Video Upgrade Wizard in /usr/local/video_upgrade, and a launch script at /usr/sbin/video_upgrade_wizard.

Posted on 19 Oct 2010, 16:05

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