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Thanks to technosaurus who showed a simple line with wget to do this.

It got me thinking and I have added some code to /usr/sbin/delayedrun to semi-automate this. If Puppy is built without the Flash Player built-in, this script will offer to download and install the Player when the first Internet connection is made.

Lobster recently asked on the forum if we can still build a sub-100MB live-CD. Yes, Wary can do it -- if the "radical culling of modules" checkbox is ticked in Woof, which takes out all of the less-likely to be needed modules, I got it down to about 102MB. If we also take out the Adobe Flash Player then that takes it down to about 98MB. I might offer that slim build when we reach 5.0-final.

And yes, to answer another recent question, for the radical-culling, those modules could be made available in a separate "zdrv" sfs file.

Posted on 27 Oct 2010, 8:50


Posted on 27 Oct 2010, 13:40 by joe.c
I started using puppy back when 214 was current and moved to each new puppy until 412 which worked so well i stayed with it until recently. I found some web pages that would not display properly, so i have a stack of puppy cdís and i went looking for some thing that would work and i soon came to quirky 002 and the browser loaded those pages ok but my must have app. gxine had a bug, i replaced it with the one from woof, remastered, and it works great.
To get to the point quirky 002 iso was only 87MB, good things do come in small packages. THANK YOU. joe

Posted on 27 Oct 2010, 13:41 by Terryphi
Adobe Flash Player
It seems like overkill to me but if you do decide to include a script to automate download of Flash Player can we get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player:

I see Technosaurus's script gets Shockwave Flash not Adobe Flash. They are different.

Posted on 27 Oct 2010, 14:10 by Sage
Size matters
These comments and considerations from BK are most welcome. There is an important role and considerable scope for a lighter weight .iso (as well as a 50Mb one). This has always been the case. Very many correspondents have always said that. This project always focussed on operating as a liveCD. Portability, diagnostics, etc. are powerful features we all need much of the time. This doesn't require, for example, three calculators, one capable of working in the imaginary quadrant - nor a plethora of the luxuries we enjoy for static (or installed) use. Although an arduous task to code, there is probably a vital niche for an 8cm/50Mb version adopting fast boot, especially for field diagnostics. Folks using these truncated versions would already know where and how to access other features via PPM, zdrv, etc., although a line of additional text on the boot screen isn't going to raise the code complement a jot. These considerations would boost the mutt from an also ran to a sine qua non.

Posted on 27 Oct 2010, 14:13 by Sage
...but I do need one very simple calculator to work out how much to charge for fixing the customers box!

Posted on 27 Oct 2010, 18:29 by Raffy
Skyfire browser
Am happy to have a browser without Flash by default. Even if Flash is included, ttuuxxx has always added the Flashblock plugin in his builds, and am happy about it, too.

Skyfire browser (for mobile devices) is leading the way for Flash-less browsing. It proves that there is an alternative for people who decide not to use Flash.

Posted on 28 Oct 2010, 4:43 by technosaurus
flash link is adobe
@terry: it is adobe flashplayer - please check your info by right clicking in the download menu to see the link address

Posted on 28 Oct 2010, 14:49 by Terryphi
Flash link
technosaurus: sorry, I just took a cursory glance at the script Barry reproduced and saw "Shockwave Flash" and . Yes, I see that now redirects to .

However, I still prefer to have the latest version of Flash - currently - rather than version 9.

Posted on 29 Oct 2010, 3:35 by technosaurus
I posted the urls for both versions. The reason I use version 9 primarily is that most graphics cards don't yet have acceleration support in 10.x and its smaller, has fewer dependencies and is still updated. I really need to put together a dialog that makes the best recommendation based on your video card and default browser. For example if you have a webkit browser and an unsupported video card then default to flash9, but if your video card is supported and you have a gecko browser, then default to 10.1 -- with an explanation of pros & cons otherwise.