Ask before upgrade save-file

This issue gets raised on the forum every now and again. if there is only one save-file, and you boot a new version of Puppy (same breed though), then the save-file gets loaded and automatically upgraded. This catches some people by surprise.

I have added code to the init script that now asks you to confirm that you want to upgrade the save-file. It is specific to that one particular situation of there being only one save-file. If you decline, then Puppy will back off and boot up in RAM only and PUPMODE=5.

Booting from CD, previous puppies detected if the puppy.sfs (or wary_093.sfs or whatever) is not at same place as the save-file, only on the CD, and automatically copied it to the same place as the save-file (if it is on a hard drive).
The latest init script does not do that, on the principle that Puppy should not do things "behind your back".

However, in addition to the above code, I added extra code to detect that puppy.sfs is only on the CD and ask if you want to copy it to hard drive. This question is only asked when a save-file is being upgraded.

I haven't actually tested this new code yet.

Posted on 28 Oct 2010, 8:51


Posted on 28 Oct 2010, 10:36 by bigpup
Check if good upgrade
Please make sure it does a good upgrade, if selected. Make real sure!
I ask because, I have had problems in the past with upgrading, where it says the upgrade took, but stuff would do strange things. You could dump the upgraded files and use a clean start, with the new Puppy and have none of the problems that where happening with the upgrade version.
Yes same series Puppy Linux.

Posted on 28 Oct 2010, 14:40 by peebee
Swap file also???
"the principle that Puppy should not do things "behind your back"."

Hi Barry
Excellent principle....
Another thing it should be applied to is the automatic unconfirmed creation of a 200MB swap file on pc's with "low memory" - why 200MB?? - why no confirmation that you want a swap file? It also severely increases bootup time and I have to manually delete it on my Thinkpad as it run just OK without it.