zzz: pupdial_init_hotpluggable

Very heavy development work continuing...

In /usr/sbin, this is a new script called from PupDial, that probes for the external hot-pluggable devices. This replaces what were previously scripts in /etc/init.d.

Easy switching internal<->external
A problem that I have had with my laptop is I sometimes want to use the internal dialup modem, at other times the 3G modem. I have made switching between these simpler. Also now PupDial is no longer confused which one to detect.

3G modems work-in-progress
I have been testing with my Optus E160E 3G modem (which works great, plugged in at bootup or hot-plugged), but tomorrow I will make a quick trip to Perth and pickup my Vodafone Z3571-Z 3G modem -- currently being used by a relative. I have another relative who has a Telstra 3G modem, that she doesn't use (too expensive), and I will borrow that too.

Posted on 3 Dec 2010, 18:48


Posted on 4 Dec 2010, 18:47 by BarryK
Perth trip delayed
Have to "cool my heels", can't go to Perth for a few days.

Oh well, there's other stuff to do I guess.

Expect another Quirky promptly after I get back from Perth, midweek!