zzz: ZTE K3571-Z 3G modem working

I have it working very nicely when I hotplug it. The script /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch_dispatcher, with modifications for Jimtcl, works fine and now the symlink /dev/gsmmodem gets created (ttyUSB3), so now PupDial "just works".

Another nice thing, I wrote a script /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch_status, that pops up a message when the 3G modem is inserted, and another message if the switch from memory-mode to modem-mode was successful.

There is a bug with usb-modeswitch 1.1.5 and I had to partially roll-back, as reported here:


There is still a problem with usb-modeswitch if the modem is plugged in at bootup. Well, it doesn't run, so the modeswitch does not happen -- I don't know why (or maybe I do -- perhaps the kernel uevents are happening in the initrd, so are getting missed after the mode_switch to the main Puppy filesystem).
Anyway, when PupDial is launched, a script /usr/sbin/pupdial_init_hotpluggable performs the switch.

...after making this blog post, I will go through the exercise of booting up with modem plugged in to confirm that this is still working ok.

Note, I am testing with a build of Wary, using 'zzz' package.

Posted on 8 Dec 2010, 8:21


Posted on 9 Dec 2010, 17:54 by Iguleder
minixcal replacement
Barry, I put together a small minixcal replacement, http://brainwavedesigncentral.net/dima/insidious-001/sources/igucal-001.tar.gz.

If you want to try it, run compile.sh and copy minixcal and igucal to /usr/bin. You can also modify config.h ... don't expect much, it's my third C project and I don't even know how to print a string :)

minixcal beacame annoying with today's X/GTK/whatever, it doesn't close and it no longer compiles, that's why I wrote this thing.

I also hacked volumeicon previously, I'm trying to do sort of a "tray revolution" - Parcellite, volumeicon and this thingy.

And hey, I'm a software minimalist, that's why it's so basic :)

Posted on 27 Jan 2011, 10:24 by mugggins
Couldn't get K3571-z working properly, so instead paid $75 for .exe to unlock sim, and now works with dodo.

Posted on 27 Jan 2011, 13:53 by BarryK
Re K3571-Z
Note that 'zzz' posts are only for Wary so far. Lucid does not use 'zzz'.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 8:44 by mugggins
OK, thanks Barry.