Peasyscan fix

rcrsn51 reported missing menu entry:

I have fixed the package, uploaded:

This will be available for all Woof builds.

Posted on 16 Dec 2010, 15:35


Posted on 17 Dec 2010, 7:00 by jim1911
ext4 pupsave
TazOC's latest Lighthouse release now allows selection of an ext4 save file. If a recommended clean install is used (the new LHPsave) allows creation of a faster ext4 LHPsave.4fs at first shutdown--if an ext4 host partition is selected for the LHPsave.

Please take a look at his code for possible inclusion in woof again for an optional ext4 save file that was dropped from woof. TazOC appears to have corrected the problem and it's working great on my hardware.


Posted on 18 Dec 2010, 5:48 by TazOC
ext4 pupsave
Hi Barry,

Thanks for Woof and for many great ideas in Puppy!

If you are curious about this topic, you'd probably like to know how I did it... I wish I knew exactly which steps made a .4fs pupsave work, but there were several months between trials that failed and more recent success, as I 'gave up in frustration' on testing ext4 for several LHP 5.00 releases. It could be kernel related as I have only tested ext4 with the kernel in LHP 5.00, K2.6.33.2-5APR2010-SMP-TICKLESS from Quirky 1.20.

Personally, I've only tested with a new ext4 pupsave on a new ext4 partition, to ensure all features of ext4 are active. Early on, I found that running KDE 4 was a quick way to catch any problems with ext4.

LHP 5.00 has e2fsprogs-1.41.10-i486-1 from Slackware, and I'm using a mount-FULL in the initrd to mount both pupsave and the ext4 host partition. mount-FULL is renamed /bin/mount from Slackware util-linux-ng-2.17.1-i486-1 (with libblkid support.)

Our initrd.gz, init and rc.shutdown (with many changes documented at beginning of scripts and commented w/date code 'TazOC') are posted at The LHP 501 init script has a bug where optical drives without media inserted are retried after a pause and give an error code 32 to console. I'm testing a fix for that and will post the new init in /source/502 with the next release.

The kernel is not my strength so I don't know whether Woof could be changed to support ext4 pupsaves, as I read that some kernels might require a patchset and EXT4_FS in the config, and that one should use a 2.6.29 or later.