Amaya 11.3.1

I have created a PET of the Amaya WYSIWYG web page editor. I wasn't able to compile it, so downloaded the i386 .deb binary file from here:

The only thing missing in Wary 5.0 was libraptor, so I compiled that (it is in the 11.3.1 source package). Then Amaya worked fine in Wary.

I have uploaded the PET (libraptor included, PET is 20MB):

Note, I have placed this in the Wary repository, but it should work fine in other puppies, such as Lucid.

Posted on 2 Jan 2011, 19:16


Posted on 3 Jan 2011, 3:35 by Gyle
Amaya 11.3.1
Amaya 11.3.1

Works perfectly in Lucid 518.
Thank you really for this present at the beginning of year, loving Amaya by above all the others.
Happy new Puppies

Posted on 3 Jan 2011, 6:25 by BarryK
Re Amaya
Unfortunately it is a big PET because it has wxWidgets compiled statically in the binary executables (meaning that wxWidgets is not required as a dependency). Also I kept all the docs in the PET.

I notice that the construction of tables has improved but still primitive compared with Composer -- for example, I couldn't see any way to set border/cell spacing (maybe there is, I just didn't see where).

Posted on 3 Jan 2011, 7:50 by technosaurus
Re: Amaya
The source for the last gtk1 version is here:

it is a lot smaller and only uses ~32Mb ram.
I made a pet (1.6mb) here:
requires gtk1 and imlib1 (0.7mb also in thread)

Posted on 3 Jan 2011, 8:37 by Gyle
Re: Amaya
"Also I kept all the docs in the PET."

*Fortunately* this doc is excellent, at least in French.
That would be worth seeing its style sheet for making the template of a future Puppy Help.sfs...

to set border/cell spacing
Views/Show structure

go to <table border="x" ... >

for margin and padding
Format/Style editor/Boxes

Posted on 3 Jan 2011, 8:49 by Gyle
Re: Amaya
Huh! The tag "code" has a BIG problem...

Posted on 3 Jan 2011, 8:57 by Gyle
Re: Amaya
"to set border/cell spacing
Views/Show structure"

oops! not "show structure" but "show code"