Video Upgrade Wizard enhanced

There has been very positive feedback on my Xorg upgrade to 7.5 PET for Wary:

So, I have added this as another choice in the Video Upgrade Wizard. This script is in Woof, although it has only been used for Wary. I did take a look at making it generic, and I think that 01micko was considering using it in Lucid, but I don't know if anything happened there, as Lucid has its own video upgrade tool.

But anyway, as it is a Woof script, I will post this in the Woof blog category.

The next Quirky
Note, I am still kind of in quasi-holiday-mode, but getting back into doing a bit of Puppy development each day.
The 2.6.37 kernel is released, and I can't resist, have downloaded it, with a view to using in in Quirky 1.5. I reckon that Quirky 1.5 will be Wary-based just like 1.4, except I will build with the Xorg 7.5 PET as mentioned above.
I intend that the purpose of Quirky 1.5 will be to test running all network apps, such as web browser, as user 'spot' -- as kirk has already done in FatDog64. I want to evaluate this in Quirky before considering making this the default for the main Puppy builds.

Posted on 6 Jan 2011, 17:49


Posted on 6 Jan 2011, 19:07 by ddp
Please, make it an option
If you do add the browser to spot in Quirky, please make it an option. The first thing we did with Fatdog was to disable this as a nuisance before gaving up on it because flashplayer with the 64 bit at this time is hit and miss. Your newest 32 bit Quirkies see 6 core processors anyway.

Posted on 7 Jan 2011, 9:02 by 01micko
video upgrade
Yes there was some parallel development going on there with your video upgrade and the lucid puppy version and we almost decided to switch but it was at quite a late stage and the lucid version was/is working nicely.
I have got the woof video upgrade going in spup with k2.6.34.1 (yours from the original spup) but I am only offering mesa and 2 nvidia pets at the moment. In xorg-7.5 the old nvidia riva/tnt/vanta proprietary driver is unsupported (that may be something worth noting for your xorg-7.5 upgrade)so I only need one more to complete the nvidia set and also the ATI fglrx driver.
It was not difficult to get video upgrade going either. I just had to make a woof compliant repo, kindly hosted by forum member Saturn at There was some minor hacking to petget scripts to get everything flowing smoothly.

Posted on 26 Jan 2011, 8:22 by gcmartin
I think what Kirk has done with FATDOG deserves a lot of credit....Maybe one of your 2010 Achievement Awards.

For 2011, I have to ask: Why NOT just have a 2 user system, which after initial session-save, boots into user Spot. This achieves what I thinks you're after; protections!

And, when a user wants he can Switch-user; OR logout and login as root, when necessary.

Also, at first-boot time, why not let the user tell us which user he wants his system to boot to? This then raises the user consciousness-level so that its a user-options of how to manage and run his system. And, this eases the burden for anyone trying to administer several Pups on a LAN.

This way, we address the user's need versus ours.

Finally, this does NOT mean that there is no problem in the way PUPs are currently designed (excepting FATDOG), but I have not seen thus far, in the forum, where someone has reported that "booting to root has gotten" them "into some kind of trouble." I agree multi-user is needed, but...
Hope this helps.