Grisbi 0.6.0

Grisbi is a nice finance management application. I have created PETs for earlier puppies, but without OFX import support, due to the extra size. However, some people have stated that they would like this feature (Forum memeber Beem for example), so this time Grisbi has OFX support.

OpenSP 1.5.2
This is an SGML parsing library, needed by libofx. This is the thing that is rather bulky. Download (873KB):

libofx 0.9.1
This provides OFX import support for Grisbi and Homebank -- the latter is another finance manager that I have so far compiled without OFX support. Download (163KB):

Grisbi 0.6.0
After installing the above two dependencies, then install Grisbi (539KB):

Grisb home:

Posted on 9 Jan 2011, 18:23


Posted on 9 Jan 2011, 19:06 by Bm
Thank you Barry.
I'll look into it.
Would it be possible to use the OpenSP and Libofx pet's for Homebank as well?

Posted on 9 Jan 2011, 19:10 by BarryK
Re Homebank
Yep, already done, see next post.

Posted on 10 Jan 2011, 17:55 by Bm
Thank you,Barry, for confirming.
Just saw the Homebank announcement.