'snapmergepuppy' tweaks

Shinobar posted some improvements to /usr/sbin/snapmergepuppy used in Wary 5.1:


I am nervous about making any changes right now, as I want to bring out Wary 5.1.1 in a day or two and don't want to risk introducing a new bug -- going from Wary 5.0 to 5.1, which is supposed to be a bugfix upgrade, I accidentally left out the Jimtcl package so introduced a bug. Hence the nervousness.

Anyway, shinobar's tweaks for 'snapmergepuppy' look very good, so I have put it into Woof.

Posted on 23 Feb 2011, 15:06


Posted on 23 Feb 2011, 16:17 by BarryK
saving /dev in snapmergepuppy
I should make a little note here. The reason that snapmergepuppy has always saved /dev is for consistency with other modes. Live-CD, frugal, (and of course full hd installation) all save /dev.

I have accepted shinoba's patch to exclude saving of /dev as I don't see anything wrong with doing so.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 17:43 by BarryK
Saving /dev in 'snapmergepuppy'
No, I have reverted to the partial saving of /dev in snapmergepuppy.

There are some symlinks in /dev, that I am not 100% certain should be wiped at shutdown. Anyway, the changes from Wary 5.1 to 5.1.1 have to be absolutely essential bugfixes only, nothing more adventurous.

The other changes in 'snapmergepuppy' submitted by shinobar, I have put in.

Posted on 1 Mar 2011, 13:15 by Zeke-baby
Re: Saving /dev in 'snapmergepuppy'
According to udev docs, symlinks are for "persistent device naming", which are created by udev itself. Unless you created the symlinks manually yourself, udev will happily recreate them for you if you delete all /dev entries in the save file (confirmed in my wary 5.1.1 system)