Woof uploaded, March 2, 2011

This is commit '20110302082149'.

'zzz' PET package, which is my experimental branch of Woof, has been merged into Woof, as announced here:

For details on Woof and how to download, see the previous blog post for Woof uploaded on Feb. 26:

It is preferable to download Woof with the full history, but people on dialup or otherwise limited download capability, a tarball without history is available:

Posted on 2 Mar 2011, 8:29


Posted on 12 Mar 2011, 17:53 by 01micko
woof error
Hi Barry
I'm getting this at the 3builddistro stage with your new packages:
Now building sandbox3/rootfs-complete, with the complete filesystem...
Applying Fossil workarounds...
WARNING, PKG DOES NOT EXIST: packages-spup/jimtcl
WARNING, PKG DOES NOT EXIST: packages-spup/usb-modeswitch-data

Now it's easy for me to fix by going into /woof-tree/packages-spup (in my case) and delete the _EXE suffix which was appended to jimtcl and usb-modeswitch-data and all builds fine. Just want to know why this happens. Thanks.

Posted on 12 Mar 2011, 19:27 by 01micko
more woof
ok... my build seems fine.
One thing, concerns 'zzz'. I have an huawei-E169 3G modem.
Every spup I have made so far I have never had to 'hotplug' it, it was always ready to go from boot. I have followed with every 'zzz' upgrade and now with it built in to woof it didn't work ootb on boot, had to hotplug. Works fine after that though.
Just FYI.

Posted on 15 Mar 2011, 7:48 by BarryK
Re woof error
Perhaps the entries in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE are wrong? They should be:


And the latest database entries:

jimtcl-0.70|jimtcl|0.70||BuildingBlock|152K||jimtcl-0.70.pet||tiny Tcl interpreter, compiled in wary should work all puppies. note, used by usb-modeswitch||||

usb-modeswitch-1.1.7-patched|usb-modeswitch|1.1.7-patched||BuildingBlock|136K||usb-modeswitch-1.1.7-patched.pet|+jimtcl|hybrid usb device mode switcher, note compiled in wary||||

usb-modeswitch-data-20110227|usb-modeswitch-data|20110227||BuildingBlock|700K||usb-modeswitch-data-20110227.pet|+usb-modeswitch|data for usb-modeswitch 3g modem management||||

Posted on 15 Mar 2011, 7:51 by BarryK
Re E169
I will do some more testing of 3G modems soon. Perhaps the move from usb-modeswitch 1.1.5 to 1.1.7 has had an effect.

Posted on 15 Mar 2011, 8:59 by 01micko
woof error
Ok, I see what's happened partially.
When running 0setup I gather those entries for jimtcl-070 etc are in Packages-puppy-quirky-official. looks like mine (at that time, 12 March) didn't update correctly, I have the older 063 jimtcl and older usb modeswitch packages, which correspond to my entries in Packages-puppy-quirky-official.
I'll do another build soon.
On another topic..
There seems a problem with save back to cd/dvd.
If you have a frugal install to hard drive of the same puppy version, after you have saved your first session it picks up the main sfs on the hard drive and enters that location in the PUPSFS variable in /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE. This of course makes it impossible to load an sfs in the official way (saving to "/" and it gets burnt to next session, then choose in bootmanager, reboot, sfs gets loaded.)
Here's my PUPSTATE (relevant part) of luci-254 (latest beta)


Any ideas?

Posted on 15 Mar 2011, 18:13 by 01micko
e169 follow-up
Well I got the latest Packages-puppy-quirky-official and got all the latest jimtcl and usb-modeswitch stuff in my test woof distro. It's actually worse. I can't figure out how to connect in pfix=ram. Luckily PGPRS_Connect worked! (using now, pfix=ram). Maybe there is some magic formula in that code :| . It has been successful for me since 412 (at that time with a crude usb-modeswitch from that era).

Posted on 16 Mar 2011, 7:06 by BarryK
Re usb-modeswitch
Ah, I forgot, the Woof uploaded on March 2 does not have the usb-modeswitch 1.1.7, it only has 'zzz' merged into Woof.

When I upgraded usb-modeswitch to 1.1.7, there were various other changes to support it. I need to upload the latest Woof.

Posted on 23 Mar 2011, 14:21 by scsijon
losing swap
Hi, "upgraded my woof day before yesterday"

"recompiled"/"woofgui built" with what had worked the day before with previous build (a modified playdayz 5.2 DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-ubuntu-lucid) without problems.

built ok (no errors not already expected there), etc.

However, after installing ok without errors, I added a savefile and rebooted. I am now getting at the appropriate step at startup, "swap failed", everything is working as I have 4gig of ram, but am wondering....

Rebuilt on previous woofgui Ok

Is it just me, or..