Sound fix after reboot

Forum member zekebaby found something:

...a fix for sound failure after a reboot. This seems to be the same problem that shinobar reported.

If you look in /initrd/pup_ro2 (live-CD) you will see that /dev/snd is created statically, prepopulated. Then look in /initrd/pup_rw and you will see that some /dev/snd nodes are created dynamically.

Presumably it is one or more of those dynamically created notes that are wrong after a reboot.

What I have done is remove all of the statically-created nodes in /dev/snd. This is done in Woof, so will take affect for future Puppy builds.

Then I have added this line early in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit:

rm -f /dev/snd/* #110304 after a reboot, some of these may be wrong.

...of course that could be done at shutdown also, but would not work if a crash shutdown.

Posted on 4 Mar 2011, 23:01


Posted on 4 Mar 2011, 23:04 by Zeke-baby
Thanks Barry - looking forward to trying your new fix. Is this something that crept in after Puppy 4.3.1 as that version was rock-solid?

Posted on 27 Mar 2011, 24:15 by cowboy_2
rerwin sound fix
Mr. Barry,

I have also experienced the loss of sound and volume icon after 3 to 5 reboots in Wary 5.1.1. A fix that rerwin introduced in the luci release thread to address issues with black screen seizures for users of Intel 82845G/i915 chipsets has seemingly solved this sound issue for me in Wary 5.1.1. Please see below for link to rerwin's post. My response (as cowboy) about my sound issues with Wary (and Spup) is on the next page of thread. Thank you, sir, for Puppy.

Posted on 28 Mar 2011, 2:06 by cowboy_2
rerwin DISPLAY fix
Dang! after very next reboot in Spup 099, the sound failed. However, deleting /dev/snd and rebooting has worked to repair sound and volume icon in both Spup 099 and Wary 5.1.1.

Rerwin's fix HAS worked to stabilize Spup 099 running JWM for me, which previously had been ridden with blackscreen lockups after reboots and during use.

Posted on 28 Mar 2011, 8:54 by BarryK
Re deleting /dev/snd
I have already implemented deleting /dev/snd, it will be in the next release of Wary and Quirky.

Posted on 6 Apr 2011, 22:12 by abushcrafter
Were is fix in script?
Were did you put it in "/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit" exactly? was it around here:
#################LOAD KERNEL MODULES################

echo -n "Loading kernel modules..." >/dev/console

MODALIASES="`ls /sys/bus/*/devices/*/modalias`"

rm -f /dev/snd/* #110304 after a reboot, some of these may be wrong.
#101119 new /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe, these must be deleted every boot...
rm -f /etc/modprobe.d/alsa_card*.conf 2>/dev/null
touch /etc/modules/firmware.dep.inst.${KERNVER} #make sure exists.
rm -f /dev/ttyUSB* 2>/dev/null #101210 may have been left there if modem plugged in at shutdown.
rm -f /dev/mixer 2>/dev/null #110113 make sure removed, see test in /etc/init.d/10alsa.