BaCon 1.0.22pre-20110315

Also see previous blog announcement:

I made a mistake with packaging of the BaCon PET. The '' file is a runtime library required by HUG applications (if they have been compiled to link against it and not standalone). So there needs to be two PET packages:

Runtime PET (45KB):

Development PET, for the 'devx' SFS (677KB):

For Woof developers, the entry in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE must now be:


And the database entries in file Packages-puppy-quirky-official:

bacon-1.0.22pre-20110315|bacon|1.0.22pre-20110315||BuildingBlock|220K|||+gtk+|runtime library for BaCon HUG gui apps|puppy|wary5||
bacon_DEV-1.0.22pre-20110315|bacon_DEV|1.0.22pre-20110315||BuildingBlock|2932K|||+gtk+,+bacon|Basic programming language compiler, you need the 'devx' sfs loaded also|puppy|wary5||

Note that I had previously named the runtime library '', however ldconfig does not recognise it, so it is renamed to ''. This also required modification of /usr/share/BaCon/hug_imports.bac.

Posted on 15 Mar 2011, 17:40


Posted on 17 Mar 2011, 20:25 by L18L
Bacon Internationalization
Hi Barry,
I had some troubles using the mistaken package,
then used bacon.bash.
Don't mind, my greenbottles example (bacon forum) is working now.
Regards and thanks for your tutorial

Posted on 27 Mar 2011, 4:32 by L18L
Internationalisation GUI
Hi Barry,
BaCon 1.0.22pre-20110315 is running fast:
# time bacon greenbottles.bac

Starting conversion... done.
Starting compilation... done.
Program 'greenbottles' ready.

real 0m6.041s
user 0m2.952s
sys 0m0.260s
# time bacon -x greenbottles.bac
Starting conversion... done.
Executing xgettext... done.
Starting compilation... done.
Program 'greenbottles' ready.

real 0m6.903s
user 0m3.040s
sys 0m0.288s

on 1.5 GHz wary

Greenbottles example is working in GUI now,
although not yet ready for "public consumption".

more in the Bacon forum
Best regards