BaCon 1.0.22pre-20110407

BaCon just keeps getting more wonderful! I created a BaCon PET only a few weeks ago, see announcement:

Peter Eerten has now added the PROPERTY function to the HUG (Highlevel Universal GUI) collection, which allows properties of any widget to be set. See forum discussion:

This new feature is so useful, that I am compelled to create new PETs. The runtime PET has which is only needed if you create HUG apps that do not have the HUG functions compiled-in statically -- I recommend using the shared library as I intend to put it into all Puppy builds, and your apps will be smaller.

Note, the runtime PET also contains the latest bacon.lang and bacon.vim, gtksourceview (NicoEdit, Medit, Kate, Gedit) and Vim syntax highlighting.

Runtime PET (50KB):

PET for 'devx' (746KB):

...although this was compiled in Quirky (1.5-alpha), it has fairly conservative library version (such as GTK 2.16.6) and thus the PETs should work in all recent puppies.

I reckon that BaCon has become by far the best of all the BASICs out there. Good QuickBASIC compatibility, plus extensions that make coding a pleasure -- such as HUG. The official BaCon site:

My BaCon pages, with some tutorials:

Posted on 8 Apr 2011, 8:47


Posted on 8 Apr 2011, 11:54 by wuxiandianzi
Hi,my teacher,
I am sorry to ask for help in your blog, but I have searched form the whole net without any result.
I have compiled the newer kernle (,and I do not want to rebuild "XXXX.sfs" files.
You know that puppylinux can mount "zdrv_XXX.sfs" when boot by the script "init" in initrd.gz
Now I am testing on puppy-4.31/puppy-4.32,the zdrv file is zp432382.sfs.
beacuse the init contain:ZDRVSFS="z${PREFIX1CHAR}${DISTRO_VERSION}${KERNEL3CHARS}.sfs"
when I boot puppylinux form usb it works well,but the zdrv file has not mounted to "/" or "/lib/modules/"
I have put new kernle modules into zdrv files, but failed to mount at boot.
I have rebuild "initrd.gz" with little modules in.
Can you give me a suggest ahout to edit the "init" in initrd.gz?
I only want to mount zdrv files to "/" when boot from cdrom/hdd/usb.
Thank you very much!
some people has test here:

Posted on 8 Apr 2011, 15:31 by BarryK
Re failure to load
The log files in /initrd/tmp should show why the zdrv didn't load. Also, booting with "puppy pfix=rdsh loglevel=7" might help.

Or, "puppy pfix=rdsh6 loglevel=7" will drop you to a console just before the layered filesystem is mounted, and you can experiment by executing the mount manually.

Posted on 8 Apr 2011, 17:14 by wuxiandianzi
re BarryK
Thank you very much my teacher,there 6 files in /initrd/tmp/:


sda1 ext3
sda5 ext3
sda6 ext3
sdb1 vfat /puppy/initrd.gz /puppy/pup-432.sfs /puppy/zp432382.sfs




nothing in PUPSAVE2FSS.
thank you for your help,now I can mount it by hand.
still fail to mount autoly at boot.
I am puzzle that nothing in /initrd/mnt/tmpfs2/

the zp432382.sfs should be there.

Posted on 8 Apr 2011, 22:22 by jamesbond
bacon + tcc + dietlibc
smells like a healthy good recipe :)
For people who prefers healthy fat-free compiler environment.

Disclaimer: haven't really tested the taste ... :p

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 23:02 by ted dog
bacon bits Tcc
The TCC plus bacon with most include headers package on the forum installs great with lupi-525. Less than a meg. I'll investigate dietlib for an update.

Posted on 12 Apr 2011, 10:45 by BarryK
BaCon 20110411
Peter fixed a problem with the PROPERTY function -- it did not work with the shared "" library.

BaCon runtime PET (51KB):

BaCon PET for 'devx' (746KB):

Posted on 12 Apr 2011, 14:18 by ted dog
Bacon Bits TCC compatibility
The BITS system has a problem with newer libraries ( I think) in the newest beta BaCon of Mr BarryK. While it seems to install and run fine in Lupu-525 it can't take this upgraded version installed on top of it.
This same unresolved message appears in this version of BITS and the version of BaCon and TCC made for the Amazon Kindle E-reader.

Posted on 12 Apr 2011, 19:32 by BarryK
BaCon 20110412
Peter has made another important improvement to the PROPERTIES function, so yet another upgrade...

Runtime PET (52KB):

'devx' PET (746KB):

Posted on 28 Apr 2011, 6:02 by L18L
BaCon no pot file
I have and the _DEV installed since April 12.

Today I was using the -x parameter first time in this version
bacon -x ./sfsget.bac (now finished !)
but no pot file is created.

Any idea?

Posted on 28 Apr 2011, 10:27 by BarryK
Re no .pot
no idea

Posted on 29 Apr 2011, 2:34 by L18L
Re re no .pot
problem solved

Posted on 2 May 2011, 20:24 by L18L
BaCon 1.0 build 22 released
- Fix: show error message if xgettext did not generate catalog file (all versions)