Mageia 1 is out

Mageia, the non-commercial fork of Mandriva, has reached the first release version:

Yes, I am very interested. Now that Woof supports RPM packages, I am interested in building a pup from Mageia packages.

But, the DVD is too big for me to download, because of my very expensive Telstra 3G connection. I looked at the disc vendors that advertise at, they don't yet offer mageia 1, so will wait until they do, then order a DVD.

Posted on 2 Jun 2011, 18:39


Posted on 2 Jun 2011, 22:04 by aarf
this 4G 32-bit DVD?
to Barry Kauler, Perenjori, western australia 6620, australia..
surely someone can do it. better select one or youll need a new bigger postbox
not me i dont have a dvd.

Posted on 2 Jun 2011, 23:52 by Sage
Speediest if a fellow Aussie can do, but if not PM me with your requirements.

Posted on 3 Jun 2011, 6:17 by rob_townsville
Hi Barry - I'd be happy to download and send you the DVD. I am downloading it now & can mail it later today. Can you let me know what your postal address is please. Rob.

PS Would you like any of the live CD's also?

Posted on 3 Jun 2011, 8:06 by wombat01
Barry I will post a DVD to you this morning from SA. Unfortunately it wouldn't allow me to download the 32 bit version so I got the 64 bit. It may not be any use to you but I will send it anyway.

I'm sure you will get a few copies of the 32 bit version sent to you.

Cheers Grant (smokey01)

Posted on 3 Jun 2011, 8:16 by BarryK
Hey, thanks, greatly appreciated, makes life easier for me!

wombat01, I don't have a 64-bit CPU to run it on.

rob, that would be really great! My address:

PO Box 359
WA 6620

...I'll send you some 60c stamps, enough to cover cost of envelope and postage. -- put your sender address on the envelope!

Posted on 3 Jun 2011, 8:52 by BarryK
Looking forward to Mageia
I am looking forward to receiving the DVD! I have fond memories of Mandrake, but stopped using it when it became more commercial.

For you guys who are downloading the DVD/CD, post your report on what you think of it!

Posted on 3 Jun 2011, 13:14 by rob_townsville
Hi Barry - I have packaged up the DVD (i586) & the 2 live CD's & they will be mailed when I go to the PO in about 30 minutes. I had a spare express post 500gm satchel that I have used (Ref: MQ4011843). No need to worry about the postage cost, that's my small contribution to Puppy. Please update this blog once you have received them. Regards, Rob.

Posted on 3 Jun 2011, 20:01 by 01micko
mageia link
Not advertised on the mageia site is the fast aarnet link for Australians
All flavours are there.
I will mention aarnet are a supporter of Puppy and Quirky :)
Let's hope some of the magic is back!

Posted on 4 Jun 2011, 11:38 by PcJoan
Do you want a 64-bit CPU and MOBO?
I have an ASUS A8N-E MOBO with AMD 939 64-BIT, it maybe dual-core, it's been on the shelf for awhile. A friend didn't want to bother with it, since he couldn't use the PCI-E for a faster video card, there's 64MB VGA on the MOBO though that works.

I'll put it in a case and test it with Ubuntu, Mageia, BigPup, and a few others, too. If I wrote on the box that it was an AS-IS DEMO motherboard would you have to pay a lot to get it? I know the S/H to AU will be expensive probably, so can you handle getting in a case, etc.?

I tried Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit CD on an AMD Sempron and it ran, just in case you run across one there cheap.

Let me know,
Joan in Reno

Posted on 4 Jun 2011, 15:27 by BarryK
Re 64-bit mobo
Thanks for the offer, but I am currently in a situation where I have to reduce my "stuff". I had to throw out some old PCs and monitors, and currently working through a mountain of accumulated "junk" in my garage. It will be awhile before I am in a situation where I might acquire new items, perhaps only those that are small and portable.

Posted on 4 Jun 2011, 17:50 by Neil - Waroona
Telstra - free downloads
Hi Barry
Telstra used to have a free file download site for BigPond users. After shutting this down they allow downloads free from the site mentioned above - at least on the 3G wireless contract i have - i'm not charged for any Ubuntu, Puppy or Quirky iso or any update from their Ubuntu Repository

Posted on 5 Jun 2011, 6:21 by aarf
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Posted on 5 Jun 2011, 8:36 by 01micko
mageia impression
Hi Barry
Well I downloaded and installed mageia 1.
Installation was typical of Mandrake/Mandriva fairly intuitive, choice of kde, gnome or custom. Also offered are xfce,lxde, icewm, possibly others. I know you can download others from the repos.
One peeve with these big distros, and they are all the same, they only find themselves, maybe another similar distro and windows with the bootloader installation. Straight back to Puppy to fix that! grub4dos finds all my installations.
Being FOSS I had to steal the rt73.bin firmware from Puppy for my wireless to work. There is an info window that pops up telling you where to download it though. Still you need access to do that! Strangely MP3s play ok though, with Fedora I had to get the codec for that, also downloaded the Flash rpm from adobe.
Setting up my printer was typical. I always have to use the Canon rpms/debs from the Canon website for my MP490 multi thing. Works fine though.
KDE 4.6 is certainly not as stable as Kde 4.5 (in my Slackware install). It has crashed on me twice but did recover quickly, and I lost nothing apart from what was open and not saved.
Libre office is installed and that works fine.
Samba sharing works ok, I was able to transfer files from the wife's Mac no trouble and I could see the son's win7 lappy.
One good thing is that bluetooth with my new phone was relatively painless. I transferred a heap of music and pics to my phone.
Setting up repos is fairly straight forward, but why aren't they already setup? Well at least a minimum setup. There are options for non-free with nvidia drivers and such. Easier to setup than fedora.
One stupid thing, Kmix was not there by default! So no sound icon in the tray.
(woops too long see next)

Posted on 5 Jun 2011, 8:39 by 01micko
mageia (part 2)
GCC is not installed by default.. another weird one I thought but I guess if I had of chose "custom" install I could have chosen it from the list. I seem to recall that from earlier drake/driva installations.
As for software it's got everything you would need. All the kde stuff, (except koffice), firefox-4.01, ekiga sip-phone, amarok, gimp.. pretty much what you expect.
Overall I think it's a keeper. I like it better than fedora and ubuntu and it's not as cheesy as mandriva but I kinda like my Slackware install better, probably because it's certainly much easier to tinker with out of the box!
Have fun.

Posted on 5 Jun 2011, 21:50 by adi
I tried to run mageia live cd with gnome on my p4 desktop but it didn't boot. may be the computer is too slow. puppy is better.

Posted on 5 Jun 2011, 24:51 by GCMartin
Latest Mageia
Thanks Barry for the alert. Thanks 01Micko for your tests.

This platforms looks as polished now as it did when it was MANDRAKE....even before for those who can remember back that far.

Posted on 6 Jun 2011, 24:37 by aarf
grub2 boot mageia?
my failed boot of live attempt
tips on menu code required

Posted on 8 Jun 2011, 17:00 by rob_townsville
Package nearly there
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